Why is my international 4200 VT not cranking?

Why is my international 4200 VT not cranking?

I have a International 4200 that will not crank over with key. It just started and ran. Now it only energizes he starter relay and does not crank. It is not the starter because I can hot wire it and it will crank. All wiring looks good. On dash there is Check electrical system light on. I put new batteries in and all connections look good.

What should I do if my VT365 has no power?

Wrench. Diagnostic Tech. If so, just monitor the can lines to see if they are talking to each other and check all sensor grounds. if all that is ok, then check circuit IDM relay vbat, that needs to be checked out. I think my bad english thinks this is what you mean by clean power.

Where is the ignition fuse on an international 4200?

There should be an engine ECM fuse in the battery box make sure that circuit is good. There should be an ECM relay in the fuse box too. The ignition fuse was blown. Now the problem is the truck ill NOT turn off. All the gauges turn off it the key but the truck keeps running.

When did the VT365 6.0L international come out?

It is odd that it did not log any codes. Something else strange about the engine. According to the VIN, the engine is a 2003/early 2004. Trying to get the hose from International for the passenger side, nothing matched up. It was close, but the 90 degree bend at the end was turned the wrong way.

Why does my VT365 start cold but not hot?

The fact that it starts COLD but not Warm or Hot is THE CLUE that there is an ICP leak or control fault. This potential leakage is EASILY detected by applying shop air to the system and verifying correct voltage to the IPR valve under load. But, special tools are needed to do these test well and quickly, tools I bet they do not have or know about.

Why does my Car Crank but no start?

As I recall the IDM relay has constant power directly from battery and the ECU feeds ground to the relay to engage it. We had lots of problems with the bases for those relays being bad. So you are saying you are getting nothing to engage that relay. But if you jump it out the vehicle will crank but still no start?

Why does my 2004 DT466 engine not start?

I have a 2004 4300 international dt466 it cranks but no start. I have changed all sensors still nothing check fuel pressure injector orings im stuck. Engine position sensor shows up when u put computer on it. Where should I check for a broken wire maybe? Plug to sensor has power and sensor is good.

What kind of truck wont crank the key?

Discussion in ‘ International Forum ‘ started by sickntwisted, Sep 10, 2014 . This truck has been haunting me for mths, 2006 international DT466 truck wont crank turn the key nothing all the relays click, the only thing i hear when i turn the key is the turbo?? (someone at international told me that’s what it was) the injectors do NOT pre cycle.

What does no crank mean on a truck?

The engine turns these lights on. No warning lights means the ECM is not turning on at key on. The crank circuit also goes through the ECM. The ECM will allow the engine to crank if it is booted properly. servicemanager, sickntwisted and Smellfunny Thank this.

How to fix a VT365 6.0L International Truck?

Called an emergency diesel service to get it towed, diagnosed and repaired, as I need the truck to work. He got it to their shop and tried cranking it several times with no luck. He sprayed starter fluid into the breather and it fired right up.

When did the VT365 6.0L international lose power?

2004 International 4200 VT365 6.0L 6 Speed Manual 24′ Box Truck. Thursday evening, February 24, I was delivering a load of parts from Oklahoma City to Amarillo. The engine light came on, and it started progressively losing power.