Are there any problems with my VW Vanagon?

Are there any problems with my VW Vanagon?

Make sure you watch the whole video from start to finish to find all the trouble spots that can affect these engines. From vacuum leaks, to bad spark plug wires, to bad grounds. These engines, with all the mileage and years on them, can encounter many issues.

When to check idle control on a Vanagon?

Check with the engine off so you can hear it. It should click when you rotate the throttle just off idle, and then again at full throttle. If it is not clicking, or if you are not sure, refer to your Bentley manual for instructions on how to check it with a multi-meter and/or adjust it.

What to do if your Vanagon won’t start?

A Vanagon Stalls and Won’t Start. I have had people email me with this problem about a million times so I finally decided to do a web page about the proper proceedure to get your van up and running again. GOT GAS? First of all, do you have gas in the tank?

What kind of fuel management does a Vanagon have?

Vanagons from 1986-91 have a Digifant fuel management system. These systems are pre-“OBD,” which means there is no way to plug in a “scanner” and download “fault codes.” On these vehicles you need to have good, old-fashioned common sense and experience to figure out what is wrong when something is working.

Why is the oil pressure low in my Vanagon waterboxer?

Despite having put in the longest spring the customer could find for the pressure relief and adding thicker oil, the engine still had low oil pressure at a warm idle. These findings had been confirmed with a gauge. So as I disassembled these engines I was very careful to check for excessive clearances.

What kind of OBD do I need for VW Vanagon?

5 people found this helpful. will have OBD 1 but you still need to listen to jamnblues. 3 people found this helpful.

When did the VW Vanagon shifter system come out?

When VW first introduced the Vanagon in 1980, one of the things that was celebrated far and wide among professional and shade-tree mechanics alike was the “new style” shifter system.

What kind of fuel system does a Vanagon engine use?

System Operation System Operation The 2.1 liter Vanagon engine is equipped with Digifant fuel and ignition control system. Digifant is a development of the Digi-Jet fuel injection system combined with the map controlled digital ignition system.

What causes intermittent engine performance in a Vanagon?

Intermittent Engine Performance Complaints Intermittent performance complaints can be caused by any part of the electrical. ignition or fuel system. Therefore, obtain as much information as possible from the customer. Try to find out under what conditions the problem occurs.

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