Are there reefs in Antigua?

Are there reefs in Antigua?

Antigua has fringing coral reefs which protect large portions of the east, north and south coasts, while the west coast has larger areas of sandy bottom and scattered reefs to the far west.

Where is this famous snorkeling spot?

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia. For brilliant marine life and eye-popping coral, there’s nowhere better than the Great Barrier Reef. As the planet’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef is made up of 2,900 individual reefs and coral cays stretching 1,400 miles off the Queensland shoreline.

What is the snorkeling like in Antigua?

The coral reefs, the many shipwrecks, and the edges of the mangroves are all favorite destinations for snorkelers. You can reach some spots directly from the coast, particularly in Dickenson Bay, Halfmoon Bay, Galley Bay, Long Bay, the Hawksbill Beaches, or Pigeon Point.

What to do in Dickenson Bay in Antigua?

Generally, Dickenson Bay Antigua is great for all ages, with its calm waters and laid-back atmosphere. Tip: Dickenson Bay is a great snorkeling and scuba diving location. Bring some gear along for a day of underwater exploring! PADI certified guests of Sandals Grande Antigua dive for free during their stay.

Where to go on the beach in Antigua?

Dickenson Bay is one of the easier beaches to get to in Antigua. Make your way to Anchorage Road, and you’ll find the beach in no time. Once you get to the area, use the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort as your guide, which is adjacent to the beach.

Is there a Sandals Resort in Dickenson Bay?

Sandals Grande Antigua is a popular all-inclusive resort located in the Dickenson Bay area. It is a perfect choice for a beach vacation, and if you’re planning on spending some time on the beach at Dickenson Bay, you’ll have good reason to stay at Sandals, as you’ll have dibs on the best spots on this beach.

Where to go for free at Sandals Grande Antigua?

PADI certified guests of Sandals Grande Antigua dive for free during their stay. Grand Bay Casino – Try your luck at the Grand Bay casino, where you’ll find the typical casino tables and slot machines in an upscale venue. You can fit this in before or after your beach day for some added fun.

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