Can you password protect your Tumblr?

Can you password protect your Tumblr?

At the bottom of your blog settings, enable “Password protect this blog.” Enter your desired password. You will see a green “saved” indicator to let you know you’ve password-protected the blog successfully.

How do I protect my Tumblr account?

Here are some best practices we’ve put together for protecting your Tumblr account:

  1. Choose a Totally Unique Password for Tumblr.
  2. Use a Strong Password.
  3. Additional Tips.
  4. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.
  5. Log Out Regularly.
  6. Contact Support for Assistance.

How do I password protect my blog?

1) Create or edit the page/post you want to password protect. 2) On the right side of the page above the Publish/Update button, you’ll see Visibility, which by default will be set to Public. Click Edit. 3) You can then select the Password Protected option.

Can you private your Tumblr?

Tumblr won’t let you make your entire account private, but you can have private blogs and private blog posts that allow you to share your ideas, pictures and videos with only the people who have your permission. The privacy settings in Tumblr are accessed through the settings and customization tools.

What are Tumblr password requirements?

A password requires:

  • 6 characters, including at least 1 number and 1 letter.
  • no more than 2 repeating or consecutive characters.
  • no blanks, spaces, or special characters.

How do I hide who I follow on Tumblr?

If you’re lucky, the blog theme you’re using has a setting to hide the list of people you’re following. From your dashboard, click “Customize” to open the theme settings and customization screen. Look through the list of theme settings on the left side of the window for a switch labeled “Display Following” or similar.

How do I change my tumblr password without email?

If you don’t receive an email to reset the Tumblr account password, then add [email protected] to the Address Book or Contacts. Visit and request for a new password reset email.

How do I make my Tumblr blog private 2021?

Now, to make your private Tumblr blog, click the down arrow beside your blog’s name on the right side and click Create a new blog.

  1. Enter a name and address for your new blog, and then check the box beside Password protect this blog and enter a password if you want to keep it secure.
  2. That’s all, folks!

What is a good password?

Include a mix of symbols, number and both upper and lower case letters. Weak passwords use short, common words. Protect your passwords from both dictionary attacks and brute-force attacks by using a range of letters, numbers and symbols.

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