Can you use heater hose for coolant hose?

Can you use heater hose for coolant hose?

All heater hoses are lined with nylon cords for durability. Coolant hose is not safe for fuel. Coolant hoses can be formed or loose spooled. The most common sizes of heater hose are 5/8″ and 3/4″.

Is there a proper way to replace a radiator hose?

They don’t readily slip off, so uninitiated persons tend to try to twist them to break the seal between the hose and the metal. Damage (requiring replacement) occurs as often as not, so don’t let your radiator or heater core be added to the scrap heap before it needs to go there.

Which is heater hose sends water toward the heater core?

Posts: 11, Does it make a difference which heater hose (upper or lower) is connected to the the same as a standard system except for the engine’s internal fluid routing. The smaller one (5/8″) is the hot and connects to the manifold. Which hose sends water toward the heater core?

Where does the heater hose go on a small block Chevy?

Heater Hose Routing Small Block Chevy. One of the fittings [the passenger side of intake] goes to the heater core inlet. The hole on the Bigger hose = outlet, smaller hose = inlet. Currently the heater hose goes from the driver side front on the intake.

What happens if a radiator coolant hose fails?

Coolant hoses are very much like the blood vessels of a car. If a heater hose or radiator hose fails you only have a few minutes to stop the engine, after which it’s often too late. Hoses fatigue and wear out, of course, but another mode of failure is improper installation or removal.

Where can I get plastic heater hose connectors?

The plastic heater hose connectors are available from your local NAPA Auto Parts Store, or in an emergency you can temporarily use a basic worm-type hose clamp on the hose over the remaining copper tubing of the heater core. But the real trick is getting the connector off the pipe. A disconnect tool is available and usually does the trick quickly.

How do you remove a gas heater hose?

Then the connector simply slides off the pipe. Much like a fuel line disconnect, the water hose tool is two half-moons with tabs that slide in behind the connector. Pop the tool behind the connector, and then pull of the hose to remove it. The tool remains on the pipe, don’t forget to take it off before installing a new hose.

What should I do if my radiator hose breaks?

When one connector breaks, the other is usually not far behind. You should replace both connectors at once to avoid a repeat situation. One of the hoses has a plastic Y on it, one hose goes to the heater core, one comes from the radiator overflow canister, and the other side goes to the water pump.

When to replace plastic heater hose connectors in GMC?

Replacing GM plastic heater hose connectors is often an emergency situation, where the hose has broken on the side of the road. It is not a bad idea to preemptively attack this problem and replace them before one breaks and leaves you stranded.

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