How do you concatenate a variable and a string in VBA?

How do you concatenate a variable and a string in VBA?

Steps to use VBA to Concatenate

  1. First, enter the first string using the double quotation marks.
  2. After that, type an ampersand.
  3. Next, enter the second text using the double quotation marks.
  4. In the end, assign that value to a cell, variable, or use a message box to see it.

How do you concatenate strings and variables?

Concatenation is the process of appending one string to the end of another string. You concatenate strings by using the + operator. For string literals and string constants, concatenation occurs at compile time; no run-time concatenation occurs. For string variables, concatenation occurs only at run time.

How do you write a concatenate function in VBA?

How Does the Macro Work?

  1. Select the cell where you want the formula to be input and run the macro.
  2. An InputBox appears and prompts you to select the cells you want to concatenate.
  3. Press OK.
  4. The macro splits the range into single cell references, so this range reference (A2:C2) is turned into (A2,B2,C2).

How do I combine two strings in Excel?

Excel also provides you with a function to combine two or more strings. You can place the following formula in desired cell: =CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1) This formula will produce the same result as explained in above section concerning ampersand operator.

What is a function in VBA?

In Excel VBA, a function is similar to a procedure but the main purpose of the function is to accept a certain input from the user and return a value which is passed on to the main program to finish the execution. There are two types of functions, the built-in functions (or internal functions) and the functions created by…

What is concatenate Excel?

MS Excel: How to use the CONCATENATE Function (WS) Description. The Microsoft Excel CONCATENATE function allows you to join 2 or more strings together. Syntax. Returns. Applies To Type of Function Example (as Worksheet Function) When you are concatenating values together, you might want to add space characters to separate your concatenated values. Frequently Asked Questions.

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