How do you repack a throw line?

How do you repack a throw line?

Hold the bag with both hands by using your pinky, ring and middle fingers to pinch the opening of the throwbag. Use your thumbs and index fingers to stuff the rope into the opening of the bag. Using an over-under stuffing technique with each hand’s index finger and thumb lets you stuff the bag faster.

How do you use a rescue throw rope?

In order to throw a throw rope, you must hold the loose end of the rope with your non-throwing hand and grasp the bag firmly with your throwing hand. Make sure to leave about ten feet of “tail” on the loose end so you can let out some rope if needed.

What must you not do when performing a throw line Rescue?

When using a throw bag to rescue a swimmer, do your best to make sure you’re not making the situation worse by your efforts. NEVER tie your end of the rope to yourself or any object; always be prepared to release the rope if need be.

How long is the rope in a throw bag?


Weight: 2 lb 4 oz
Rope Length: 75′
Rope Material: Polypropylene
Rope Diameter: 3/8″
Load Max: 1900 lbs. (8.45 kN)

When should you use a throw bag?

A throw bag is a necessary piece of safety equipment that should be carried on the river at all times. It is essentially 70 feet (or around that length) of rope stuffed into a bag, with the end of the rope attached to the bag. The bag is thrown to a person in need who is swimming in whitewater.

Do you need a throw bag Kayak?

A throw bag is an essential piece of gear for any whitewater paddlers. Kayaking, canoeing, rafting – any activity that has people going through moving water. Since it’s a piece of safety equipment, it’s important to have a reliable, high quality throw bag that you know how to use and matches the trips you’ll be taking.

What is a throw line used for?

The point of the throw line is to allow the climber to remotely set their climb line or rigging line into the tree in an ideal tie in point (TIP) or rigging point. The throw line is attached to the throw bag which is then thrown into the tree, through a suitable crotch or union and lowered down to the ground.

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