Is the A340 still in production?

Is the A340 still in production?

Production of the Airbus A340 stopped in 2011 when Airbus realized that the A340 could no longer compete with Boeing’s 777 and 787 Dreamliner. Not to be left behind, Airbus built the A330, A350, and now the A330neo for its long-haul offerings.

Who makes the E190 plane?

Embraer E-
The Embraer E-Jet family is a series of narrow-body short- to medium-range twin-engine jet airliners, carrying 66 to 124 passengers commercially, manufactured by Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer….Embraer E-Jet family.

Embraer E-Jet family E170 / E175 / E190 / E195
Variants Embraer Lineage 1000
Developed into Embraer E-Jet E2 family

Is the Air Belgium A340 operating for British Airways?

British Airways have wet leased some of Air Belgium A340-300s to operate on a selcetion of their flights. This is due to the grounding of BA’s B787 Dreamliners, because of the ongoing Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine issues. The Air Belgium A340 is operating daily between London and Dubai, on flights BA105/BA104.

Are there any airlines still flying the Airbus A340?

So let get down to the point of this article and list which airlines are still flying the Airbus A340 by the numbers. Mahan Air could be the only airline left flying the A340. Photo: Wikipedia Topping the list is as we already mentioned is Lufthansa with 32 A340s.

When did the Airbus A340 quadjet come out?

These ETOPS regulations did not restrict the A340 quadjet. This gave airlines the choice of the A330 or A340, depending on planned operations and fleet size. The A330 and A340 program was launched in June 1987, just before that year’s Paris Air Show. At the time, there were 130 orders from 10 airlines.

Why is Mahan Air still flying the A340?

The sanctions target critical sectors of Iran’s economy, such as the energy, shipping and shipbuilding, and financial sectors. Unless these sanctions are lifted, which does not look likely given current political tensions, Mahan Air may be forced to keep flying the A340 indefinitely.

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