Is the Honda VFR800 Interceptor a new bike?

Is the Honda VFR800 Interceptor a new bike?

At first blush the 2014 model doesn’t seem all that different, but a closer look reveals that Honda has been just as busy with the Veefer as it has with its other new bikes.

What kind of engine does a Honda Interceptor have?

The fuel-injected engine not only gives the Interceptor the proper horses to prowl the streets, but does so while also providing plenty of low-end torque and high-revving power. The bike’s power, which as of this time has yet to be revealed, utilizes a close-ratio six-speed transmission to send power to its wheels.

What is the speedometer on a Honda Interceptor?

The panel includes a host of useful and handy tools that riders can take full advantage of, including a digital speedometer, analog tachometer, gear-position indicator, miles-per-gallon readout, ambient air temperature gauge, and a clock because riders might also need to know what it is.

How tall is the seat height on a Honda Interceptor?

From the grip heaters to the adjustable seat height – from 38 inches to 31 inches – the Interceptor was ergonomically designed to put the customer’s needs and preferences as high priorities. Once you’re comfortably settled in, you’ll notice the digital instrument panel in front.

What kind of engine does the 2015 Honda Interceptor have?

2015 Honda Interceptor VFR800F Key Features •The 782 cc, liquid-cooled 16-valve DOHC 90° V4 engine with VTEC received significant development – focused on cam timing and valve duration/overlap – to deliver the required increase in low-to midrange power and torque.

When did Honda stop making the Honda Interceptor?

Once decommissioned in 2010, the Interceptor has since made a valiant return after its supposed successor, the VFR1200, didn’t capture the hearts and imaginations of consumers the way Honda would’ve wanted. So Honda did what it needed to do; it brought back the Interceptor to appease its clients, and here we are.

Is the Honda VFR800 Interceptor a V-4 bike?

As you can see from the dyno, that pre-VTEC dip remains, though it’s easier to detect on the dyno than out in the wild and so is much improved from before. This sweet-sounding V-4 hangs from a twin-spar alloy frame that’s identical to the previous bike’s, though it does carry a new cast-aluminum subframe instead of a steel-tube affair.

How tall is the seat on a Honda Interceptor?

The seat is height adjustable (789 mm or 809 mm) using the tool provided and a handlebar height spacer, adding 15 mm of lift is available as a Honda Genuine Accessory.. The VFR800F’s self-cancelling indicator system is unique to Honda.

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