The Best Gaming Laptop Manufacturers

The Best Gaming Laptop Manufacturers

The gaming industry is in fact a never-ending evolution game. For some, it is a never-ending battle to produce the most compelling performance and for others, it is to provide the immersive graphical experience. No matter what it is, among the laptop manufacturing titans, the battle continues. As a result, they release top-notch laptops with cutting-edge features and performance.

At present, most high-end laptop manufacturers release their gaming series. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most recent and powerful gaming laptops they released for 2020.


Razer is a pioneer of gaming technologies and known for its top-notch hardware products including gaming peripherals. Razer’s gaming laptop lineup includes Blade, Blade, Blade Pro and Blade Studio for creators.

Razer’s best class series the Blade 15 AKA world’s first true gaming laptop with optical keys for the keyboard (first-ever), Blade Pro 17 pushing even more. Furthermore, with Intel Core i9 and Nvidia RTX cutting-edge CPU/GPU products, 240Hz screens these are true beasts.

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Asus is one of the most innovative and top-notch laptop manufacturers (Taiwanese) and is in the business since 1989. Their long line of successful gaming laptops and eSport editions started with the ROG (Republic of Gamers) initiative.

Their current unparallel lineup includes Asus Rog Zephyrus, Strix Hero, Strix, Scar and Mothership. If you remember, the first-ever liquid cooling laptop GX700VO then you know how Asus pioneered them with extra muscle.

In addition, in the arsenal, they have Strix Scar III with a 240Hz display, Rog Mothership GZ700 with GeForce RTX 2080, a 4K display and a Core i9 processor. In their lineup, they also have liquid metal cooing and ultra-thin gaming laptops.


Micro-Star International MSI is a well-known hardware vendor offering a range of powerhouses for gamers and eSport pros. Above all, MSI GT Stealth and Titan series are true workstation-class gaming beasts.

In addition, they have a great lineup for serious gamers such as MSI Leopard, and for enthusiasts the Raider series. Then, for beginners, the GL series provides a great starting point. For portability needs, they offer the Thin series. Finally, they offer a 7nm MOSFET technology-based Alpha series.

In their lineup, GS75 is probably the thinnest 17-inch gaming laptop and the GT76 Titan, one of the true powerful gaming laptops ever released.


Dell G series gaming laptops offer a sleek and powerful experience. Their G3 is a thin design for a sleek gaming experience. Next in the line is G5 with superior performance that comprises Nvidia RTX and Intel 9th generation top-notch processors. Finally, G7 is their 17-inch gaming product that includes a 4-zone RGB keyboard.

Above all, if you heard the name Alienware this is actually where gaming PCs really started to emerge. At present, its lineup includes Alienware m15 – the thinnest and lightest, m17 – a big bad boy with magnesium alloy, exceptional battery life with impressive overclocking abilities. Finally, the Area-51m is the ultimate gaming beast comprising the latest Intel Core i9 and Nvidia RTX cutting-edge technologies.


To sum up, gaming laptops offer you cutting edge and innovative technologies, top-notch designs, premium build quality, extra durability, portability, state-of-the-art cooling, and even affordability. Our lineup includes best of its class products comprising both latest and ultra-performance Intel and AMD processors, best of its class memory, screen with OLED and highest possible refresh rates, high-speed storage and many more.

Unlike desktops, laptops offer limited customization and upgrades. Therefore, gamers invest in future-proof, well-engineered and durable products. As mentioned, the vendors listed here serve the craving needs of gamers while competing with each other. If you are willing to purchase a gaming laptop in 2020 one of these will definitely satisfy your requirement.

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