What are the dimensions of a 13 cubic foot freezer?

What are the dimensions of a 13 cubic foot freezer?

Dimensions and Volume
Height With Hinge 67 3/4″
Width 27 3/4″
Depth of Cabinet 23 1/8″
Depth With Door 26″

How tall is a 13 cu ft upright freezer?

The FFFU13F2VW 13 cu. ft. upright freezer will keep food frozen for over two days if there is a power outage with its superior tight seal that locks in cold air….$689.99.

WIDTH (IN.) 27.75

Is the fffu13f2vw garage ready?

Garage Ready Place this unit in your garage without worry. This unit is designed to perform in temperatures ranging from 0°F to 110°F.

How do you measure cubic feet in a freezer?

Open the door and, from the outside of the freezer, measure from the front edge of the freezer opening (not the door) to the back wall. Use feet, not inches. Measure the height and the width of your freezer’s opening. Multiply the depth, height and width together to determine the cubic feet.

What are the dimensions of a 14 cubic foot freezer?

Typical Freezer Dimensions & Sizes

Capacity Height Width
7.0 cu. ft. 32-33.5″ 37-39″
9-10.0 cu. ft. 33″ 41.5-44″
14-15 cu. ft. 32-36″ 47-56″
20-22 cu. ft. 32-34″ 66-74″

How much does a 13 cubic foot freezer weigh?

Top freezer refrigerators: 13.8 cubic feet (fridge) 4.56 cubic feet (freezer) Bottom freezer refrigerators: 14.22 cubic feet (fridge) 5.72 cubic feet (freezer)…Chest Freezer Weight (in pounds) and Size (in cubic feet)

Model Weight (pounds) Size (cubic feet)
GE FCM22DLWW 219 21.7
Average Total 107.44 lbs 10.26 cubic feet

How long is a 15 cubic foot freezer?

15 cubic feet.. a length and width dimension would be helpful. It’s 29” width X 46”length X 34.5” height. It is really spacious as well as easy to organize with three sturdy plastic compartments.

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