What causes a Kawasaki Mule to lose power?

What causes a Kawasaki Mule to lose power?

If the valves are tight when cold, then as the engine warms up it might be holding valves open and you would lose compression and power. If you have a compression tester try it right after your power loss, while the engine is still hot.

How many hours will a Kawasaki Mule last?

They’d typically put about 15,000 hours on a 550 before it was retired and one of them still lives just fine on a farm with almost 16,500 on it now.

What is DFI on a Kawasaki mule?

troubles occur in digital fuel injection system (DFI). If the warning light comes on, have the DFI system. checked by an authorized Kawasaki dealer.

How reliable is Kawasaki mule?

Since the first time we drove this redesigned Mule back in 2014, it has been our favorite Rec/Ute machine. It’s better at work chores than almost anything out there. It runs smoothly and is fun on trail rides. It has been perfectly reliable and holds up well.

What is DFI system?

The Kawasaki DFI is a proven system in terms of simplicity, reliability, ease of maintenance, performance, economy and reduced emissions. The system uses an Engine/Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which monitors engine speed, load, atmospheric pressure, engine and air temperature. This is called an “open-loop” system.

What’s the problem with my Kawasaki MULE PRO?

Two fuel pumps, an alternator, raising the fuel cell vent, a few latches falling off, now this. I keep it serviced per the manufacturer recommendations. I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t think I’d be as calm as you are.

When to replace fuel pump on Kawasaki MULE PRO FXT?

Just thinking out loud. Valve clearance checked? Do NOT add more oil then the 4 hatch marks on the stick. Just thinking out loud. Click to expand… Ended up being another fuel pump. Kawasaki replaced it. Although I’m thankful for such a great warranty, this is the second fuel pump since I bought it new in March of 18

Is the MULE PRO FXT ranch edition still out of commission?

The mule pro fxt ranch edition is back in the shop. Same problem, no resolution. Been out of commission for 7 weeks this Saturday. I have taken it to two dealers (original dealer first) and neither can find the problem. I’m not getting any assistance from Kawasaki at this point, even though it’s still under warranty.

Is the MULE PRO FXT running full speed?

The day before it would only reach 40, the day before that it ran full speed. It did take a little extra time/distance to reach full speed. It’s like it’s dragging a tank. It won’t reach full rpms in neutral. i have had issues since the first month I bought it.

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