What happened in Chapter 19 in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

What happened in Chapter 19 in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Chapter 19 takes place over one day. It covers the day she starts collecting red abalone, a kind of shellfish that are pretty tasty. The problem is in most abalone hunting spots there is also an abundance of starfish. Starfish also love to eat abalone.

What happened in chapter 18 of Island of the Blue Dolphins?

In Chapter 18, Karana is enjoying spring on the island. The flowers are blooming and birds are singing in a way that she can’t help but appreciate the beauty around her. When the ugly, gray birds hatch, Karana builds the babies a cage so that they can be her companions after migration.

What happens in Chapter 20 Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Chapter 20 of Island of the Blue Dolphins shows how Karana learns to survive alone in the natural world. She works tirelessly to make her clothes and to obtain food from the fish and plants in her environment. She has now tamed Rontu, the wild dog that follows her and depends on her to survive.

What gift does Tutok give Karana?

At this point, Karana reveals her secret name. Karana makes a circlet of shells for Tutok, who is grateful to receive such a beautiful gift. The next day, Tutok does not return, and Karana goes to the Harbor to see if the Aleut ship is still there.

How did Karana tame Mon a nee?

Karana saves an otter from the kelp bed in Chapter 23 after the Aleutian hunters leave. Instead of killing the otter as the Aleuts would have done, she heals him and names him Mon-a-nee.

How did Karana tame Rontu?

Rontu walks to Karana’s feet and dies. Later, Karana spots a wild dog that looks like Rontu. She decides he must be Rontu’s son. Karana traps him and trains him, calling him Rontu-Aru.

What happens in Chapter 21 Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Chapter 21: The Aleuts return Karana sees the girl and immediately goes back to her cave. Karana assumes that the girl will be all over the island looking for food, and may stumble upon Karana’s cave. Karana remains in her cave and works on her skirt while staying away from the Aleuts. It takes her nearly two months.

What does Rontu ARU mean?

Son of Rontu
Karana soon finds a young dog that looks like Rontu and takes him in naming him Rontu-Aru (meaning “Son of Rontu”).

What animals does Karana adopt?

She calls him Won-a-nee, which means Girl with the Large Eyes. Karana spends some time over the next few weeks helping care for the baby otters, giving them fish and abalone, while Won-a-nee teaches them how to do otter things like float on their backs and crack open shells.

What happens in Chapter 19 of island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana’s pursuit of leisure activities creates trouble in chapter nineteen. Spearing the giant devilfish had been a hobby of hers for the last few chapters, but when she finally gets her opportunity, the result is not what she had hoped. She never tries to spear on of these fish again.

Who is the Aleut woman in island of the Blue Dolphins?

However, the Aleut woman ( Tutok, though Karana does not yet know her name) spends her days collecting plants from around the island, so Karana is careful to stay hidden from her, staying in the cave most of the day and gathering roots and abalones only at night.

What are the names of the two birds in the island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana names the larger of the two birds Tainor, after a young man she liked that was killed by the Aleuts; she names the smaller one Lurai, which is the name she would have liked instead of Karana. During the summer, Karana also makes herself a new skirt and a pair of sandals.

How does Karana fight the Devilfish in island of the Blue Dolphins?

Karana had attached a sinew line to the spear, and she has the other end tied around her waist. The devilfish is extraordinarily strong, and Karana fear the line will break. She battles the devilfish until she is finally able to wrestle it onto the shore. Once Karana has brought the devilfish onto the land, Rontu attacks it.

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