What is U3500?

What is U3500?

Description. U3500. Explanation: Logger main task has broadcast the shutdown request to all its subtasks, and has waited for more than 2 minutes for their orderly shutdown. At this point, it is assuming the worst, and is initiating forced shutdown of its task structure.

What is user abend code u0002?

Explanation. An abend occurred during JES3 initialization because not enough storage was available. The most likely cause of this failure is that an inadequate common storage area (CSA) size was specified during the system installation or initialization.

What is u4095 abend?

Explanation. This code indicates that an IMS TCB is being terminated abnormally because a different IMS TCB in the control region has terminated abnormally. The initial abend will contain the abend code that describes the problem.

How do you make a flocculant solution?

Have a 250 ml to 500 ml beaker of water, with a stir bar mixing on high, ready for the polymer addition. While the water is being mixed on high, plunge 0.25 ml liquid polymer (for a 250 ml diluted sample) into the vortex generated by the mixing water. If you are making up 500 mls add 0.5 ml of the neat polymer.

What is U0016 Abend in JCL?

Message DSO501 often appears with abend U0016. The most common cause of the abend is improper concatenation of Extractor data. Remove the NOSTAE parameter from the Analyzer JCL to allow error messages to appear in the job. Verify the concatenation order of input Extractor data sets.

What is U4038 Abend in Cobol?

A U4038 abend is a user-abend which comes from Language Environment, the “run-time” for Mainframe programs (it supports multiple Mainframe languages).

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