What kind of car was the 1969 Volkswagen Beetle?

What kind of car was the 1969 Volkswagen Beetle?

1969 Volkswagen *VW* Beetle air cooled. 1600 CC Engine, 4 speed, undercoated, solid car Restored by 1969 Volkswagen Beetle with sunroof Restored Completely stock and correct. Rebuilt original engine, Convertible, nice car, good body and paint, nice top, nice original interior, sharp looking two ton

What was the rust protection on a 1969 VW Beetle?

My VW received a DINITROL rust protection in 1969. The Swedish Volkswagen dealer made holes in the heater channels, doors and lower area of the rear side panels to put rust protection wax in. After that, they put a cool DINITROL rust protection decal on the vent window (see next picture).

Is it possible to restore a 1965 VW Beetle?

Before this, I already restored two Volkswagen full “in as new condition”, here for example, details of my VW Beetle 1965 restoration. In summary, I can say that a patina-preserving restoration is about as costly as an “everything as new resto”. To preserve the patina, many restoration processes are much more time consuming.

What do the side stickers on a 1969 VW Beetle mean?

Great Volkswagenwerk AG side window stickers from 1969 on my Beetle for the swedish market. The text translated means “This Volkswagen meets the US car safety regulations at the time of production” and the second sticker says “safety medal for neck protection as standard”.

What are the headlights on a VW Beetle?

Once in, there are a few fuses that you’ll need to check. 18 and 19 are the high beams, 20 and 21 are the low beams, and 22 and 23 are the parking lights. Check each of these individually and replace them as needed.

Why are the lights on my VW Beetle not working?

If the fuses and bulbs are fine, the switch is the likely issue. To remove, press the dial into the switch and turn it clockwise. In between “off” and the first setting, you should be able to pull the switch free from its housing by pulling it toward you.

Where is the fuse box on a Volkswagen Beetle?

The fuse box is located on the passenger side in the dashboard. You will need to open the passenger door to get access to it. Use a flat head screwdriver or a similar object to open it.

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