What kind of engine does a Peterbilt 348 have?

What kind of engine does a Peterbilt 348 have?

FET INCLUDED New 2020 Peterbilt 348 6×4 Dump Truck with 16′ Load King Elliptical Dump Body, Paccar PX9 370HP Engine, Allison 3000RDS Automatic Transmission, 20k Front Axle Capacity, 40k Rear Axle Capacity, 60k See More Details

Is the Peterbilt 348 a tri axle dump truck?

AUTOMATIC TRI AXLE DUMP, 2019 Peterbilt 348, PX9 370hp, 147k Miles, Allison 3000RDSP Auto, 20k Front Axle, 46k Rears, Heavy Frame, HMX460 Suspension, 5.25 Ratio, Set up for Light Weight, Why Pay Ne… See More Details

How many miles does a Peterbilt 348 Allison have?

Low miles, 2011 Peterbilt 348 Allison auto, 166,000 miles, heavy front axle w/ new tires. 46,000 rears with caps. All tires 315 /22.5 NEW: 2-8,000lb pusher axles, 18’ AR450 demo body with hi lift tailgate… See More Details

What is the Kenworth sales code for Peterbilt?

Feature Feature Name Kenworth Sales Code Peterbilt Sales Code PEC018 1/10/2018 Page 4of 99 Programmable Parameters Some features have individual parameters that are customizable; the details of these programmable parameters are given in a reference table. The reference table is

This Petrbilt Model 348 features a Herrara 18′ Semi-Round dump box. Truck features include PACCAR PX-9 engine with 350HP, Allison 3000RDS-P automatic transmission, power steering, air conditioning,… See More Details The Peterbilt Model 348 was designed to exceed the rigid demands of specialty application markets that require rugged durability.

What kind of engine does Peterbilt water truck have?

Equal opportunity lender. 2007 Peterbilt 335 Water Truck, Odo Shows 115,835 Miles, Cummins ISC-240 Engine, 240 HP, Weller 6-Speed Transmission, Spring Suspension, 4.3 Ratio, 33K GVW, 21K RA, 12K FA, 160” WB, 87” CA, Steel W… See More Details Sold By: BASKIN TRUCK SALES LLC.

What kind of tires does a Peterbilt mixer have?

BUTT PLATE WITH PINTLE, PLUMBED FOR PUP TRAILER. NEW DRIVE TIRES. 1995 Peterbilt mixer, 3116 Cat motor at 250 hp., 8 speed transmission, Rockwell rear end on spring ride, 11/22.5 tires on steel wheels, a/c power steering, McNielus 4 yard mixer, ready to work, fle…

What kind of truck is Peterbilt Model 579?

Peterbilt also emphasized aerodynamics and comfort with the design of the new Model 579; it features a sloped hood and several aerodynamic components on the outside and a 10% quieter cab and sleeper compartment.

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