What should I text my girl best friend?

What should I text my girl best friend?

“You’re my hero, and I’m so lucky to call you my BFF.” “I know other people claim to have best friends, but you truly are the best.” “Hope you’re having the best day ever, and if not, let’s get margs later and vent.” “Hoping you have a truly kick*ss day today, because you deserve it.”

What should I write in bestie?

You make me a better person. I can honestly say I’ve found a true friend in you and I hope in 20 years we’ll be able to look back at our past together and just be so happy we had such a close and meaningful friendship. You are truly the best friend I’ve ever had and I love you to bits!

What’s the best text message to send a friend?

The best of friendship text messages to send to any of your sweet friends to make them feel special. 1. The bond we share is more than friendship, meeting you remains one of the best things to have happened to me. Thanks for being a friend indeed.

What’s the best way to write a friendship message?

Best Friendship Messages. True friendship cannot be forged overnight. It has to be tested by time over and over again. Thank you for being my true friend and my only soulmate! It’s hard to meet people in life who are willing to give everything without the hope of any return. I call myself lucky because I have someone like that in my life. It’s you!

How to say you love your best friend?

I love you just as if you were still here with me. Can’t wait to see you soon though. I’m grateful for this one in a million friendship I share with you. Thanks for always being there. READ ALSO: Long Paragraphs / Messages To Best Friend. I like the fact that our friendship is never stale.

Which is the best description of a best friend?

Best Friendship Messages : Best friends represent the purest form of friendships. Your best friend is someone who you might have met yesterday, yet you feel as though you have known him/her forever. And the beautiful thing about best friends is: They understand you in a way that no one else can. They are a blessing from heaven.

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