Where do you park for Eastland Town Square?

Where do you park for Eastland Town Square?


  • Town Square: When arriving via Ringwood Bypass, enter from Ringwood Street at West 5.
  • David Jones: Enter car park at East 6 for the most convenient access.
  • Myer: Enter the West 3 car park from Ringwood Street.
  • Uniqlo: From Ringwood Street, use entry West 5.
  • H&M: From Warrandyte Road, use entry East 6.

Is Hoyts Eastland open?

Open now: 09:45 AM — 09:45 PM.

Can you bring snacks into Hoyts?

About half of them allow snacks and water, but no hot food; while the other half, including Dendy, Event and Palace Cinemas, allow water but not food. Hoyts don’t allow any food or drink, and only a handful of cinemas said that it was fine to bring any kind of food.

Where do staff park at Eastland?

Official staff car parking is on the very top level of Eastland above the Ringwood town centre. It’s inconvenient and unsafe for staff to walk to. Access to lower levels comprise of a lift within the centre, and external access.

Why is HOYTS so expensive?

Candy bar and popcorn prices are so high, because it’s one of the main profit drivers for Hoyts. If Hoyts wasn’t selling large quantities of Choc Tops, Drinks, Snacks, and Popcorn, ticket prices would have to drastically increase to make up for the lost revenue.

How do I get free parking at Hoyts?

When you see a movie at Hoyts or dine at one of our Town Square or Casual Dining restaurants, have your receipt validated in store to receive an additional hour of free parking. Scan your validated voucher at any parking pay station before you exit.

How long does it take to park at Eastland?

Parking at Eastland is free for the first three hours. If you’ve spent less than three hours in the centre, you can proceed straight to your car. A camera will recognise your license plate details at each exit and the boom gate will automatically open.

Where is the parking at Eastland town square?

At Eastland, engineering a car park that enables ease and efficiency is paramount to us because it’s important to you. Easily accessible rooftop parking and increased lighting and security camera surveillance creates a more comfortable and secure environment. Town Square: When arriving via Ringwood Bypass, enter from Ringwood Street at West 5.

Is the health and safety at Hoyts a priority?

At HOYTS, your health and safety are our biggest priority. Click here for more details on what we are doing.

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