Where does the rattling sound come from in my car?

Where does the rattling sound come from in my car?

The rattling noise I’ve previously described is still there. When I researched bad bearings and the sounds they might make, it didn’t quite match with the noise I’ve been hearing. This noise only seems to occur at highway speeds, and it’s a slight thin rattling sound that seems to come from the right front quadrant of the car.

What kind of noise does a GMC Sierra make?

Since purchasing my 2002 sierra pickup with a 5. 3l v-8 I have noticed a ticking sound when you first start up the vehicle. Worse when it is cold out. After a few minutes it stops. I have had the dealer look at it in the past and they didn’t seem too concerned with it and or said no noise was found.

Why does my 440 Mopar make a rattling noise?

MY 440 mopar runs incredible at idle to 1500 rpm, but around 2000 rpm, the engine becomes overcome with loud rattling, noise, thousands of “rocks gone wild” come from the engine or transmission. It sounds like the motor is falling apart.

What kind of car Rattles at highway speeds?

Rattle in right front area of car when driving at highway speed? I have a 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT with about 255,000 miles. Over the last several months I’ve noticed a rattling noise coming from the right front quadrant of the car when driving at highway speeds (60 MPH and up).

Where does the rattling sound come from in a car?

To simplify this process, we’ve broken down the possible locations to four main areas of your vehicle: Rattling noises that come from the bottom of your vehicle may be noticeable upon starting, while driving at certain speeds, when you hit a bump in the road, or even all the time.

Why does my steering make a rattling noise?

Rattling noises in the wheel wells usually come from a few specific areas. Let’s run down the possibilities. Your vehicle has many interconnected components in its suspension system. There are springs, struts or shock absorbers, sway bars and links that are attached to one another. Your steering system is also integrated into the front suspension.

Why does my catalytic converter make a rattling noise?

The converter can be damaged by thermal shock or an impact, which can cause part of its internal structure to break off and cause a rattle. In extreme cases, this can sound like a box of rocks being shaken. The converter doesn’t fail by itself; something has to cause it to fail, and that should be identified before it is replaced.

What should I do if my exhaust is making a rattling noise?

Solution: Have your exhaust system checked by your mechanic or a muffler shop. The fix could be as easy as tightening a loose clamp or replacing a damaged rubber hanger. It’s also possible you might need to replace a section of rusted-out exhaust pipe or even the muffler. Either way, it’s a quick and easy fix.

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