Where is Sounds Air based?

Where is Sounds Air based?

All of our check-in locations are within the MAIN TERMINAL of their respective airports: PICTON – Picton Airport – State Highway 1, Koromiko, Marlborough. This is located roughly 8km south of Picton township.

Who owns Sounds Air?

Cliff Marchant
Cliff Marchant – Founder Aircraft types he captained during his career include Boeing 767, 747 and 777. He and wife Diane founded Sounds Air in 1987 and retain an active involvement in the airline.

Can you take dogs on Sounds Air?

We are restricted to only taking small pets as the space available in both aircraft is very limited. (soft carriers) are not suitable for air transport. Remember carriage of pets is subject to availability of space on the aircraft.

Is sound air still operating?

While New Zealand remains at Alert Level 1, we will continue our current operating procedures across all of our scheduled flights.

How do you fly to Marlborough Sounds?

Two airlines fly direct to the region. Air New Zealand fly to Marlborough Airport from Auckland and Wellington. Sounds Air fly to Marlborough Airport from Christchurch, Wellington, Napier and Paraparaumu, and also from Wellington to Picton Airport (Koromiko).

Can you fly Auckland to Picton?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Auckland International to Picton.

How far is Auckland to Marlborough?

547 km
The distance between Auckland and Marlborough (State) is 547 km.

How do I get from Auckland to Marlborough Sounds?

How long does the ferry take from Wellington to Picton?

approximately 3½ hours
The Interislander ferry Wellington to Picton takes approximately 3½ hours.

Can you fly from Auckland to Picton?

Is Marlborough in New Zealand or Australia?

Located at the north-eastern extremity of New Zealand’s South Island, Marlborough is a beautiful region famous for its plentiful sunshine hours as well as being the largest wine growing region in NZ.

How much does it cost to go on the Picton ferry?

Ferry Prices

Passenger Off Peak Fare Peak Fare
Infants (under 2) $0 $0
Children (2 – 17) $43 $43
Adults $65 $75
Adults (Premium Plus Lounge) $120 $130

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How is the crew of Sounds Air doing?

” Sounds Air greatly appreciates your support, especially over the last week. Lots of heartfelt messages and comments! We are incredibly proud of our crew, who have put in an immense effort on all fronts to get everyone home safely and efficiently over the last 48 hours. Be kind, stay safe, flick us a message on Facebook if you are feeling lonely.

When do sounds air tickets go on sale?

Sale ends 15 July. Fares may vary by destination, flight and day of the week and won’t be available on some flights that operate during very busy travel times. All Fare Rules apply.

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