Where to buy Volvo Penta aq125 boat parts?

Where to buy Volvo Penta aq125 boat parts?

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What should the WOT be on an aq125?

Your WOT RPM for an AQ125A should be around 4,600-4,800. New here and new bayliner owner and obviously doing something wrong because I’m only getting about 23 mph, gps, @4000rpm out of an 83′ 2060 Trophy, 125A, with trim tabs.

What’s the max speed of an aq125 Bayliner?

Boat came with a 15 x 17 prop, turning 4200 rpm max, and hitting 28 m.p.h. (gps) . After changing to a 15 x 15, max of 35 was achieved, at 5200 rpm. One person on board, some tools (maybe 100 lb) and don’t remember the fuel, probably half tank.

Which is better explorer 2070 or Aq 125A?

The Explorer 2070 is 2870 dry, with the AQ 125A which is rated at 117 h.p. I drew the conclusion that the Bayliner hull is more efficient- there is very little deadrise at the transom compared to most boats, also interestingly enough there are no longitudinal strakes.

When did Volvo start making internal combustion engines?

Penta was founded in 1907 in conjunction with the production of the first marine engine, B1. The Penta company soon became an established internal combustion engine manufacturer, which in 1927 delivered the engine for Volvo’s first passenger car. Volvo acquired Penta in 1935 and Volvo Penta has been part of the Volvo Group since then.

When did Volvo start using the penta engine?

The U2/U21 was a great success and exported worldwide. In 1925, Penta was approached by Assar Gabrielsson, the founder of Volvo, who needed an engine for the first Volvo automobile. Penta then designed the four cylinder 28 hp side valve Type DA engine for the Volvo ÖV 4. In 1935, Penta became a subsidiary of Volvo.

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