Who is Del records under?

Who is Del records under?

Ángel del Villar

DEL Records
Founder Ángel del Villar
Status Active
Distributor(s) Sony Music Latin
Genre Regional Mexican

Why did Regulo Caro leave Del records?

A Del Records veteran, Regulo Caro broke away from the label last September to pursue a new path as an independent artist shortly before releasing his latest single, “El lujo de tenerte” last October.

Who is Grupo Firme signed to?

Grupo Firme/Record labels

Who is the owner of Rancho Humilde?

Jimmy Humilde
Jimmy Humilde, CEO of Rancho Humilde, center, along with label artists, from left, Ovi, Junior H, Natanael Cano, Jesus Ortiz Paz from Fuerza Regida, Ramon Ruiz from Legado 7, Alex Guerra from Legado 7 and Ivonne Galaz.

Is King Lil G signed to DEL Records?

Recently, the Latino rapper – who still pays visits to the Compton swap meet where he first got his start hawking CDs – graduated from releases on his own MIH Entertainment LLC. to sign with DEL Records, a Spanish language label based in LA, and has teased a new mixtape, Blessed By God.

When was Eslabon Armado signed to DEL Records?

Del Villar signed the act later in 2019, with Pedro and Brian’s mother staying on as the band’s manager. The name Eslabon Armado (“a united chain”) was given to them by Pedro and Brian’s father, who first inspired Tovar to start writing songs.

Is King Lil G signed to Del Records?

What is Grupo Firme real name?

Grupo Firme

Full Name Grupo Firme
Age Joaquin Ruiz- 26 years old
Height N/A
Net Worth $3 Million
Spouse (husband/wife/partner) N/A

How much does Grupo Firme charge for a party?

They typically range between $1000-$5000 each if they are offered. There are many other VIP tickets or packages that can be found on this site. We also display regular tickets for many events.

Who is Legado 7 signed with?

Rancho Humilde
Legado 7/Record labels
Legado 7 has extended its long-term deal with label Rancho Humilde, Billboard can exclusively announce. “We are thrilled to continue being part of the Rancho Humilde familia,” said Alex Guerra and Ramon Ruiz, co-founders of Legado 7. The million-dollar contract was signed on Wednesday, Dec.

Who is the best corrido singer?

Hailing from Sinaloa, Mexico, The late Chalino Sánchez was the king of corridos. One of his most well-known songs is “Alma Enamorada.” The vaquero was so in love with the woman of his eye that he could feel it down to his soul.

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