Why does my hybrid car smell like rotten eggs?

Why does my hybrid car smell like rotten eggs?

The gasoline that fuels your car contains trace amounts of sulfur. This creates a by-product called hydrogen sulfide, which smells like the eggs you forgot in your trunk for a week after grocery shopping. If you start smelling rotten eggs when your car is running, your catalytic converter needs to be replaced.

Why does the AC smell like feet?

If the smell coming from your AC smells like dirty socks or stinky feet, this is another indication of a moisture issue. Your filters may be dirty or your drainage system clogged, causing too much moisture or standing water in your AC unit that eventually starts to smell like sweaty feet.

What does it mean when your AC smells like oil?

An oily smell coming from your air conditioner may result from an oil leak at the unit. The presence of oil will also indicate a leak, so look for both the oil and the smell when troubleshooting this problem. An additional cause of the oil smell coming from an A/C unit might be from a malfunctioning oil burner.

Why do people hate the Toyota Prius so much?

It’s not that the Toyota Prius is a bad car. In fact, it’s one of the best cars on the road when it comes to reliability and fuel economy. But it’s just too good at what it does, and it’s not cool enough, so enthusiasts love to hate it. Because it’s great at one thing car enthusiasts tend to scoff at.

Why does my Toyota HV air conditioner smell?

In August 2009, Toyota issued bulletin T-SB-0261-09 concerning smells in certain Camry, Camry HV and Prius cars. The TSB said the automaker had created a new evaporator sub-assembly to ” decrease the potential for HVAC odor .”

When did Toyota know about the moldy smell?

Toyota dealers have been issued TSBs about the moldy smells, something the plaintiffs claim shows the automaker has known about the smells for a long time. In May 1997, Toyota sent dealerships TSB AC002-97 that told technicians about customers complaining of musty odors coming from the air conditioners.

Is the Toyota Prius Good for the environment?

Yes, driving a Toyota Prius will lower your carbon footprint in the world and get you the best fuel economy of your life, but it’s really not that good for the environment. It turns out that manufacturing hybrid batteries has proven to be very toxic to the environment and a lot more pollution is produced during the making of every Prius.

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