Why is my sump pump making a banging noise?

Why is my sump pump making a banging noise?

When your hard-working sump pump develops a banging sound, you may simply need to secure the discharge piping. You could try using wire (12-gauge is ideal) to fasten pipes in place. If you can isolate a specific area of the pipes where the noise is coming from, an extra bracket placed there may solve the issue.

What does a running sump pump sound like?

Do you hear a loud rumbling motor sound? This usually sounds similar to a car engine idling roughly. These noises are most common in older sump pumps. You could try installing a rubber stopper to the pump if it’s vibrating against the wall of the pit.

What happens when a sump pump check valve fails?

When a check valve is not installed on your sump pump’s discharge line, a back flow of water can cause the pump impeller to rotate backwards and unscrew off the motor shaft. If this occurs, the motor in your sump pump will sound like it is running but it will not be pumping any water out the discharge line.

Can a sump pump explode?

When water is heated, it expands generating hydrostatic pressure inside the pump. This may be enough pressure to cause the pump to fail – perhaps the seal would fail, or the pump casing might rupture. These explosions may cause significant damage or injuries because of the built-up energy.

How do I stop my sump pump from water hammering?

  1. Prepare in advance by measuring the outlet pipe’s diameter.
  2. Turn the pump off and unplug it.
  3. Detach the outlet pipe from the pump.
  4. Lift the pump out of the sump basin.
  5. Cut out a section of outlet pipe so that it is in two pieces.
  6. Place the check valve in between the two pipe pieces.

How do I stop my sump pump from banging?

The best way to stop sump pump banging noise is to install a quiet check valve. These are specially designed to prevent the banging noise made when it shuts off. First though, it’s worth checking your sump pump over to ensure nothing is worn out or broken.

Can a sump pump check valve get clogged?

Sump pump check valved may also be blocked by debris that may have passed the filtering unit. Sump pumps are able to clean debris by themselves but some have to be cleaned by hand. Check valve failure can put a lot of stress on your sump pump and result in more severe consequences.

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