Can a VW Golf start when the engine is warm?

Can a VW Golf start when the engine is warm?

Runs poorly on cold start up. black, rich exhaust smoke, blubbers like choke is on. Cars runs much better when fully warmed … read more Shop Foreman / Lead Tech…

Why does my 1992 VW Golf not start?

Cool starts good. 1992 Vw Golf Will not start when engine warm? Cool starts good. I need a feed wire to starter solenoid for a 1996 vw golf cl 1.8L engine. I’d like to know what kinds of ends and lengths of the cable is needed to … read more Vocational, Technical or Tra… My 2003 VW Golf won’t start after being driven for a while.

What happens to the engine when the engine is cold?

When the engine is cold the air fuel mix enters the cylinder and is compressed and ready for ignition, cold fuel, cold air cold cylinder= lower compression. Take a empty soda bottle fill it with 1/4 cup of cold water, put the cap on and shake it up for about 3 seconds, now squeeze the bottle, it should squeeze in easily.

What happens if your car thermostat is too hot?

If a car’s engine is too hot, it can actually warp and become damaged. But, when it’s cold, it doesn’t run efficiently. So, it is important to keep the engine at the right temperature, which is where the thermostat comes in.

What’s the problem with my Volkswagen Golf losing power?

I have a 2006 Jetta 2.5 gas. The problem started 12-18mths ago where upon cold start and driving within 15mins or so, i’d power ?!! The (temporary) resolution was simply to release the gas oedal and accelerate again. However within the last 2 weeks of -20c weather I’ve had to boost my battery/car almost every morning?!?!

What kind of power does a Volkswagen Golf have?

No able to accelerate on 2nd gear over 40km/h, then engine shutted down completely. Not able to start engine again. Golf 4, 1.4 petrol, year 2001 30 people found this helpful. I have a 2001 golf mk4. It seem to be stuck in gear 3. On the highway it doesn’t go beyond 80kph even with more stepping on the gas peddle.

How to check and fill VW Golf transmission fluid?

Diagnostic software allows you to accurately and simultaneously check the transmission fluid temperature and corresponding VW Golf ATF level. When the transmission fluid is between a certain temperature a small amount of fluid will flow from the level insert fill port area. More Information:… Loading…