Can RTI be filed online in Haryana?

Can RTI be filed online in Haryana?

RTI Haryana – Filing the Application in Online Our website ensures that your application reaches the authorities; all you need to do is fill up a simple form. Once you fill the form with all your details, your part is done!

How can I apply for RTI online?

Steps to file an RTI

  1. For submitting RTI application click on submit request option.
  2. On clicking on submit request option ‘Guideliens for use of RTI ONLINE PORTAL’ screen will be displayed.
  3. Then Online RTI Request Form screen will be displayed.
  4. Applicant will receive sms alerts in case he/she provides mobile number.

How can I file RTI in Haryana education department?

Write the name of the office from which you seek information, and the complete, correct address as ” TO THE SPIO DIRECTORATE OF SCHOOL EDUCATION HARYANA PLOT NO. 1/B, SHIKSHA SADAN, SECTOR-5, PANCHKULA PIN CODE – 134109 “. Attach Government RTI Fee in the form of IPO/DD/MO etc as applicable with the RTI Application.

How can I pay RTI fees in Haryana?

4. Deposit of fee:- (Section 6)

  1. by Crossed Bank Draft/Banker’s Chequie/IPO or in cash in favour of concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer from where the information is to be obtained; or.
  2. in cash with the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer ; or.
  3. through Treasury Challan in the following Heads of Account:-

How to file an RTI application in Haryana?

The process of filing an RTI Application won’t be complete until payment has been attached with the RTI Haryana application. Attach Rs.50/- in the form of court fee stamp with your application. As per the rules of the Haryana government, the RTI Haryana application has to be sent via speed post/ registered post.

Which is the official language for RTI application?

You can write RTI application in English, Hindi or the official language of the area.Address the application to the concerned PIO / APIO / CPIO” Write the name and address of the office from which you seek information . State your request in the form of specific, detailed questions.

Which is the first step in filing RTI?

The first and foremost step towards filing an RTI is to recognize the department to which the RTI Application has to be addressed. The RTI must be filed to the department which can provide the information asked for in the application.

What to do if your RTI application is rejected?

Pay RTI fee to the concerned officer otherwise your application may be rejected.” Provide your full name and address, contact details, email address and sign the application clearly. Put in the date and the name of your town. Take a photocopy for your future references.At the end of the application make a declaration that you are an indian citizen.