Can you convert a VW Caravelle?

Can you convert a VW Caravelle?

The Caravelle Conversion (sometimes known as a Multivan) is one of the most versatile conversions in our range, ideal for families and camping, there are several seat configurations to suit your needs. The Caravelle is a rare van to find so conversion is sometimes a quicker option.

Can you sleep in a Caravelle?

A lounge on wheels The Caravelle’s rear cabin is a versatile space; there’s even an option to convert it for sleeping, a kind of half-way option to its cousin, the Volkswagen California camper van. There’s plenty of head and legroom in all rows, and it’s easy enough to move between them thanks to the flat floor.

Can you convert a Caravelle into a camper?

If you don’t have such a big budget, you can get an existing Transporter or Caravelle converted into a campervan at a fraction of the cost. Some have even turned the smaller VW Caddy van into a camper (and VW has also showcased a California concept of the latest Caddy 5), although this will have limited space.

Is a Caravelle a campervan?

The VW Caravelle is a great van to convert into a camper van or surf/day van/bus and there is a large club scene associated with owning a VW Camper Van.

What’s the difference between a Caravelle and a Multivan?

The difference is in the top-shelf Multivan Highline’s Servotronic steering box. Volkswagen says it “makes for perfect comfort when driving at speed as well as when manoeuvring”. I say it makes for feather-lightness, too little feel on-centre and less tactility in cornering than the Caravelle’s excellent standard rack and pinion system.

How many seats does a Volkswagen Caravelle have?

The Caravelle seats nine (2-2-2-3) in shuttle-bus comfort; the Multivan Highline seats seven (2-2-3) in something closer to grand tourer luxury. All rear seats are removable, allowing considerable flexibility in mixing people with luggage. The Multivan benefits further from the mounting of the seating on neat rails recessed into the floor.

When did I buy a 2006 VW Multivan?

Bought a 2006 high line in 2009, last week the driver side sliding door came off the track, we had to cut the electric cable in order to get the door back into the track, further more the DGS gear box decided to pack it in. VW quoted $6k to replace the gear box with a second hand one!.

Is the Volkswagen Multivan good for the road?

Both are as nimble in crowded urban and open road conditions as it gets in the high-riding box sector. With the engine out front rather than beneath the floor or between driver and passenger, they’re very quiet, particularly for oilers. The Multivan is especially well insulated from road and wind noise at freeway speeds.