How do I include a link in my resume?

How do I include a link in my resume?

Where should you put them? Wert suggests that you place your links in the header or beside your contact information. That said, if they apply to a specific job or highlight some of the work you did at past companies, you can also place them under that role’s heading, like my resume above.

How do I create a custom bitly link?

How to create links with BitlyLog in to your Bitly account.Click Create. If you have a paid subscription, you will have the option to select a custom domain to brand your link. Paste the long URL into the Paste Long URL box, this will auto-generate a shortened link.Click Create.The next screen allows you to edit your link.

How do I get a vanity URL?

Choose a hosting service. It is possible to host your own custom shortened URL, but this is by far the more complicated and less popular option. Choose the actual vanity URL. Buy the vanity URL. Setup the shortener. Find your DNS settings page. Choose your domain.

What is a personal URL?

This custom URL typically serves as the Web address of your profile page and can be shared and bookmarked by other users. Examples of websites that allow you to choose a personal URL include social networking sites like Facebook, photo sharing sites like Flickr, and various Web forums.