How do you change distributor cap and rotor?

How do you change distributor cap and rotor?

Reinstall the bolt or screw that holds the rotor in place if applicable. Transfer the spark plug wires from the old distributor cap to the new cap one at a time to avoid mixing up the timing order. When you remove the plug wires, pull them up from the base where they slide onto the cap and not from the wire itself to avoid damaging them.

How to replace distributor cap on MerCruiser 5.0?

Replace the distributor cap with the new one by placing it on the base and clipping the straps back over the edges. Remove one of the spark plug wires by pulling it off with a spark plug wire tool or using your fingers. Remove the spark plug with a socket wrench. Remove the new plug from the box and check the gap of the plug with a gapping tool.

Where is the distributor cap on my car?

Open the hood. Locate the distributor. It may help to have a shop manual for your particular make and model of car, but this is generally an easy part to find since it has all of the spark plug wires coming out of it and running to the engine’s spark plugs. Remove the distributor cap without pulling the spark plug wires off.

Do you have to reinstall the distributor cap?

Reinstall the distributor cap in the same orientation that the old cap was installed. The cap will only go on one way that allows the clips or bolts to be properly fastened.

What does a tune up on a car mean?

For over 50 years, a tune-up meant that the vehicle’s ignition system – breaker points and condenser, were replaced and/or adjusted, a new distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs were installed, ignition timing was set, and the vehicles carburetor was adjusted and “tuned” (hence the term) for optimal performance.

How do you change the fuel line in a car?

Position your pan or rags under the filter, then loosen the fuel line fittings. Undo the clamp holding the fuel filter, remove it, and replace it with the new filter. Follow the directional arrow on the new filter, with the arrow pointed toward the engine. Reinstall the fuel lines. Don’t forget to put the gas cap back on!

Where do you put the grease for a Car Tune Up?

Some vehicles use coil packs, which are typically located near the valve covers, while others use a coil-on-plug design that are over or close to the spark plugs. Put dielectric grease on the boot of coil-on-plug coils. Numerous rotations of the rotor inside the distributor will cause the metal contact point to wear down.