How much does an Irish Wolfhound puppy cost?

How much does an Irish Wolfhound puppy cost?

The average puppy costs $1,400 to $2,500. This assumes the dog is purchased from a quality breeder. Other sources may charge less for their puppies, but these puppies are often cheaper for a reason. You also have to consider the annual cost of the dog.

Are Irish Wolfhounds part wolf?

You can guess from his name that the Irish Wolfhound is a wolf hunter. He has also been used to hunt wild boar and deer. There are legends of bands of Scottish people and others from Northern Britain, known as the Fianna, using Irish Wolfhounds in massive hunts, where as many as 200 stag would be killed.

Are Irish Wolfhounds lazy?

Irish Wolfhounds are usually gentle, quiet, calm, even-tempered and affectionate. A large, fenced yard comes in handy. Adult Wolfhounds may get lazy. It’s a good idea to take them for frequent long walks to keep them healthy.

Are Irish Wolfhounds good dogs?

The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle dog who usually gets along well with everyone. With early socialization and training, he’ll be gracious toward other dogs and forbearing of indoor cats. Irish Wolfhounds do not make good guard dogs although their size can be a deterrent to a would-be intruder.

Who was allowed to own an Irish Wolfhound?

Irish law permitted only kings and nobles to own the Irish Wolfhound, and the number of dogs owned was related to the prestige of the title held, i.e., members of the lesser nobility being limited to two Wolfhounds. Irish legends say that folk hero Finn MacCumhaill had upwards of 500 Irish Wolfhounds at one time.

What kind of personality does an Irish Wolfhound have?

Personality: Irish wolfhounds have a heart as big as the rest of them. They are gentle, noble, sensitive and easygoing. Despite the fact that they can run at great speed, most of their actions around the house are in decidedly slow motion, and they are definitely not snap-to-it obedience prospects.

Is the Irish Wolfhound a good watch dog?

If you are looking for a watchdog, the Irish Wolfhound is not the dog. His size is about the only thing that may scare strangers. He is far too loving and friendly to be a watchdog. They are easy to train due to their intelligence, loyalty and desire to please. He will respond well to a firm and loving hand.

How many Irish Wolfhounds did Finn MacCumhaill have?

Irish legends say that folk hero Finn MacCumhaill had upwards of 500 Irish Wolfhounds at one time. The Irish Wolfhound was a popular gift between Rulers and other important people. Often they arrived wearing chains and collars made with silver and gold.