Is the MaxxForce DT still making oil in the engine?

Is the MaxxForce DT still making oil in the engine?

We are still “making oil” in our 07 emissions MaxxForce DT engines. All 10 our buses are experiencing this problem, but 4 in particular are building 2 inches on the dipstick in a week!

Is the MaxxForce 13 good for crude oil hauling?

I have driven one . 2013 Paystar with a MaxxForce 13 doing “local” crude oil hauling, usually drove around 300 miles a day. Out of the year and a half, and 120k miles I had it, it spent around 2 months in the shop not making any money.

How to clean a DT MaxxForce low power tip?

Click on the photo to enlarge it to get a better idea how much of the soot collects on the compressor wheel. The turbo piping has to be removed from the compressor side along with the connections to the engine crankcase breather. Once the 2 housing are removed the clean up can be done easily.

What’s the year of the MaxxForce school bus?

One unit is a 2012 with roughly 30,000 miles and the other one is a 2009 with 78,000 miles. Any idea what could cause the issue? Both buses were running fine when parked both have morning and afternoon routes and we havent had any issues before this. Welcome the club of MaxxFarce junk.

Is the MaxxForce 7 the son of Powerstroke?

Powerstroke and Maxxforce 7, WHY? The power stroke, specifically the 6.4L and the “Son of Powerstroke” the Maxxforce 7 have a reputation for early failure. Past 40,000 to 60,000 miles you may be on borrowed time. The high pressure pump wears and puts metal particles in the common rail.

Is the fuel filter on a MaxxForce covered by warranty?

None of our earlier Maxxforce buses have shown any abnormal fuel filter colors or oil levels. We have one unit with a bad driver but that’s not covered under the warranty……… unfortunately. If it doesn’t fit, FORCE it. If it breaks, well, it needed replacing anyway. Pullin’ wrenches for 45 years.