What are the top 10 oldest languages?

What are the top 10 oldest languages?

10 Oldest Written Languages in The WorldSanskrit. Date: 100 AD. Tamil. Date: 500 BC, but could be earlier. Latin. Date: 700 BC. Aramaic. Date: 900 BC. Old Chinese. Date: 1250 BC. Mycenaean Greek. Date: 1600 BC. Language Family: Indo-European. Egyptian Language. Date: 3300 BC. Language Family: Afro-Asiatic. Sumerian Language. Date: 3500 BC. Language Family: Language Isolate.

What is the oldest city in the world?


Which is the pure language in the world?

Adamic language

How do you say hello in Amharic?

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How do you say I love you to a girl in Amharic?

If you wanna say I love you for a man you can say ‘Ewdehalehu’ for a lady you can say ‘Ewdeshalehu’ and for many people you can say ‘Ewedachihualehu’. now this is the common word how to say I love you in Amharic. Also specifically there is this word that you will use where your love for this women or men is sincere.