What causes a four wheeler to lose power?

What causes a four wheeler to lose power?

A spark plug fouled with fuel, carbon, dirt and oil on the electrodes will result in an inconsistent spark and loss of power.

How fast is a Polaris Scrambler 500 4×4?

Polaris Scrambler 500 top speed is said to be between 63 to 70 mph.

How fast does a Polaris 500cc go?

Top speed is 44 mph, which is actually slightly faster than some other manufacturer’s best machines.

How much does a Polaris Scrambler 500 cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,099 $2,175
Options (Add)
Total Price $6,099 $2,175

How much horsepower does a scrambler 500 have?

The machine never lost a start all day, even running in 2-wheel drive against DS 650 Bombardiers, Yamaha Raptors and the new 700 Kawasaki….

Stock: Max HP: 37.5 @ 6600 RPM, MAX Torque: 32.9 Ft/Lbs @ 5400 RPM

How fast will a Ranger 1000 go?

If you are riding in your Ranger XP 1000 unbuckled, the rig will electronically limit its top speed to just 15 mph.

When did the Polaris scrambler 400 get recalled?

Many years later, the Scrambler 400 got phased out due to stringent emissions standards. Then on May 3, 2005, 14,882 combined units of the 2005 Polaris Scrambler 500 and some 2004 and 2005 Sportsman models were recalled due to possibly defective Electronic Control Modules (ECM).

Is the Polaris scrambler 500 still in production?

Despite this recall, the Polaris Scrambler 500 was still embraced by the media and loved by consumers during its time. It remained part of Polaris’ lineup from 1997 until 2011, and its aftermarket and OEM parts still get manufactured today.

What kind of gas does a Polaris scrambler use?

Since the Polaris Scrambler 500 uses gasoline, the maximum compression ratio you can have is 11:1 – this will still allow you to use 92-Octane pump gas. The Polaris Scrambler 500 comes equipped with a powerplant built for trail fun and Carlisle tires that ride well in most conditions.

Which is the fastest 4 stroke Polaris scrambler?

Two years later, Polaris released its second sport 4×4 machine, the Polaris Scrambler 500, which became one of the fastest four-strokes available at the time. Many years later, the Scrambler 400 got phased out due to stringent emissions standards.

Why is my Polaris Sportsman bogging down on the road?

I just bought a used 500 1998 model with no history.After cleaning carb and new plug it starts and idles fine. On the road when you hit 15 mph it just looses power. It doesn’t slow down but just acts like it is in too high of gear.

What was the problem with the cams on the Polaris 500?

The cams in the 425s and 500s of that era had a problem with the oil journals in them. The result was excessive wear to the lobes. I have replaced many of these cams, and the new design has extra oil journals and they are larger.

What kind of engine does a 1997 Polaris Xplorer have?

I have a 1997 Polaris Xplorer 500 that idles just fine, but will start popping and die if I give it any throttle. I took the carb out and cleaned it best I could, the jets seem to be clear.

What kind of car is a Polaris predator 500?

Pretty new to Polaris for that matter. I’m a life-long Honda & Arctic Cat guy. But now I have an ’05 Predator 500 and it’s driving me insane. I got it off a guy that said it ran last year and I kind of know him so I don’t think he’d have any reason to b/s me. It’s super clean and not really modded up.