What do I put my resume in for an interview?

What do I put my resume in for an interview?

What Should I Put My Resume in When Going on Interviews?Portfolio. Go for a minimalist look by carrying papers into an interview in a slim, leather zip-up portfolio in a conservative color, preferably black. Briefcase. A classic hard-sided briefcase is always an acceptable choice for an interview. Tote. Laptop Bag. Folder.

Is it OK to have your resume in front of you during an interview?

During the interview you must not look at your resume. This is a sign you’re either nervous (which you probably will be), or you fabricated something. Interviewers expect you to know your work history completely, including companies, dates, job titles, roles, responsibilities and key accomplishments.

Can you write on a resume during an interview?

Many experts advise employers to avoid the practice of writing notes on applications or resumes. The reason behind this recommendation is that notes an employer makes on an application or resume might be used to support an applicant’s claim of discrimination.

How do you shine in an interview?

7 Ways to Shine in an InterviewDress to impress. Do your homework. Be as friendly and relaxed as possible. Turn your strengths into skill statements. Know your weaknesses, and be ready to turn them into strengths. Have questions for the interviewer in mind. Follow up soon after your interview.