What does auto setting on GMC transfer case do?

What does auto setting on GMC transfer case do?

If road conditions frequently alternate between high- and low-traction areas, consider using the “AUTO” setting found on select GMC electronic transfer cases. This setting allows your GMC to automatically distribute torque to the front axle by anticipating the need for additional traction.

How does the transfer case work in a car?

In this setting, the front axle is engaged, and the transfer case then sends power to both the front and rear axles and to all four wheels. This mode forces the front and rear axles to spin at the exact same speed.

When to shift from manual to 4 wheel drive?

It is sometimes helpful on Manual Shift Transfer cases to keep the vehicle moving below 3-5 mph while shifting into 4 ↓ to allow the gears to align teeth. Once the transfer case is in low-range, shift the transmission back into drive. To shift out of low-range back to high range, follow the same procedures.

Why does my GMC Yukon have 4 wheel drive?

Due to minor tire size differences and track length differences when turning, the front and rear axles can ‘fight’ against each other on high-friction surfaces and results in a condition sometimes known as ‘crow hop’ as tires are forced to slip to the ground.

Can a GMC transfer case be shifted to four wheel drive?

Since GMC’s transfer cases are designed to be “shifted on the fly,” drivers can shift between high-range two-wheel drive and high-range four-wheel drive without bringing the vehicle to a halt.

Where is the encoder motor on a GM transfer case?

Access to datastream information for GM’s NVG 246 system makes most problems simple to locate and diagnose, as our case studies demonstrate. These systems also allow bidirectional control for many outputs. The encoder motor (arrow) is mounted on the front of the transfer case and is used to lock it into 4WD.

What is mode control on GM transfer case?

The dash buttons to the right of the air vent identify this system as an NVG 246 automatic two-speed, which means it has DTCs and scan tool capabilities. mode control is a set of normally open switches that vary the voltage supplied by the transfer case module when closed.

What does transfer case encoder do in 4WD?

The transfer case encoder motor moves the transfer case selector automatically. In Auto 4WD, it continually moves the input shaft of the transfer case to vary the amount of torque that goes to the front driveshaft. In 4Hi, 4Lo, or Neutral, it just moves to the proper position and locks in place.