What does IOD stand for in construction?

What does IOD stand for in construction?

Intimation of Disapproval or Authorization
IOD stands for Intimation of Disapproval or Authorization is the first permit considered for construction.

What is IOA in redevelopment?

In a bid to provide the much-needed relief to the developers of slum rehabilitation projects in Greater Mumbai, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has decided to issue intimation of approval (IOA) and commencement certificate (CC) together.

What is IOD in BMC?

An intimation of Disapproval is a letter issued by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) also known as the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika issued to a Builder / Developer of a Property who proposes to undertake some construction work on an existing or new building.

What is IOA in real estate?

b) INTIMATION OF DISAPPROVAL / INTIMATION OF APPROVAL (IOD/IOA) given to builder by the Licensing Authority. Legal conditions that the builder must fulfill are mentioned in this document. [Note: Builders start booking flats at this stage itself, without getting any further approvals.

What does IOD mean in logistics?

Information of delivery (IOD) – the process of receiving a consignment usually against the issue of a. status report.

What is IOD in property?

IOD stands for Intimation of Disapproval or authorization. It sounds negative but is essentially the first permit that the developer gets to start building. It means the building layout has been approved.

What is LOI & IOA?

One must check that in addition to the letter of intent (“LOI”) and the intimation of approval (“IOA”) issued by SRA, the builder also has LOI and IOA for the free sale area. This tends to show the genuineness of the builder and reduced chances of the builder being involved in the project merely for profit booking.

What is LOI in SRA?

The first very important approval is. according letter of intent (LOI) to developer of the scheme. The LOI is. accorded as per circular No. 144, after obtaining remarks from all the.

What is the difference between completion certificate and occupancy certificate?

The OC is issued only once the building has been completed in all respects and can be occupied. So, the main difference between Completion certificate & Occupancy Certificate is that CC shows that the building construction is done as per the plan which was approved by the concerned authorities.

What is Loi & IOA?

What is a LOI in real estate?

This Letter of Intent (“LOI”) sets forth certain non-binding provisions and certain binding provisions between Buyer and Seller with respect to the possible acquisition of commercial real estate commonly known as (“Premises”).

What IOD means?


Acronym Definition
IOD Injured on Duty
IOD Integrated Optical Density
IOD Investigative Operations Division (US DOJ)
IOD Issue Of Data

What is the meaning of IoD in construction or redevelopment?

IOD (meaning Intimation of Disapproval) is an essential permission given to the developer by the municipal authorities to re-develop an old building. The developer however cannot demolish the old building just on the basis of IOD alone.

What does the intimation of disapproval ( IoD ) mean?

Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) IOD is an essential permission given to the developer by the municipal authorities.

What are the terms of an IoD in BMC?

After development plans are submitted to the Building Proposal Department of BMC, an IOD is issued, and under the terms and conditions of the IOD, the developer is asked to comply with many requirements and obtain various clearances like clearance from Environment Authorities, Tree Authorities, Fire Officer etc.

When does an IoD need to be complied with?

Now the IOD may go into numerous pages clearly enumerating conditions that are to be complied with (i) immediately before commencing the work (ii) during the process of construction of the building and (iii) after the process of completion of the new building.