What does it mean when a position is remote?

What does it mean when a position is remote?

A remote job is one that is done away from the office in a remote location. This could be either work done from home, or work done on the road in the case of a job such as a Regional Salesperson.

How do I list a contract position on LinkedIn?

Sign in to your LinkedIn account. Click your Me link and scroll to your Experience section. Click the plus sign to Add an experience. Click the Title field and type Contractor and the position you held, such as graphic designer. Click the Company field and type the organization you contracted with.

Should you put freelance work on Linkedin?

The answer: if it’s relevant, include it. Any past work that proves your experience, knowledge and expertise is worth including. If you have jobs related to the work you’re doing as a freelancer, put ’em up.

How do I become a freelance LinkedIn user?

Complete the online applicationLogin to your LinkedIn profile, then click on the Work tab at the top of your LinkedIn profile page.Choose the Linked ProFinder option from the dropdown menu and follow the steps to apply.