What does maintenance mean on car?

What does maintenance mean on car?

Maintenance is regular service that is required for your vehicle while auto repairs are performed when your vehicle is not functioning properly. Your owner’s manual will have a list of maintenance schedules with recommendations on what needs to be done and when.

What’s the difference between check engine light and maintenance required?

Some drivers may confuse the service required or maintenance required light on the gauge cluster for the check engine light. These warning lights are unrelated. The service required light just means the car is due for an oil change or other routine care. It is not an indicator of trouble like the check engine light is.

When does the maintenance required light come on?

Every time you start the car, the maintenance required light will turn on for about six seconds to test the bulb, and then go out. A flashing maintenance required light comes on after 4,500 miles. This is an alert for you to make an appointment for car service because you are getting close to the 5,000-mile service interval.

What’s the difference between a check engine light and maintenance required light?

Unlike a check engine light, a maintenance required light is based strictly on a car’s mileage and when the light was previously reset. A qualified service technician can diagnose the car’s maintenance needs and provide the necessary services, such as changing the engine oil and oil filter or providing a general vehicle inspection.

What does the maintenance required light on a Toyota Corolla mean?

Toyota sells this vehicle in more than 150 countries at a rate of one Corolla every 15 seconds! This Japanese automobile manufacturer is known for producing some of the most reliable vehicles in the world, but sometimes, even Toyotas flash a maintenance required light on their dashboard.

How to reset maintenance required light on Toyota?

Follow this procedure to reset the maintenance required light on most early-model and late-model Toyota vehicles ( with video ): 1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position. 2. Set the Odometer/Trip Display to the ODO mode (early model) or to Trip A (late model). 3. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. 4.

How do I reset the required maintance light?

  • Turn ignition switch to the ON position
  • Trip Display to TRIP A mode
  • Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position
  • Depress and HOLD the Trip Meter RESET button while turning the ignition switch to the ON position.

    How do you reset the maintenance required light?

    Turn of Maintenance Required Light. Here’s what to do: With the car off and key out, hold in the odometer select/reset button. Insert the key and turn to the run position without starting the car. Keep holding the button in. The Maintenance Required Light will blink once and then in another 5-10 seconds.

    What maintenance is required?

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    What is a maintenance service light?

    The maintenance light is designed to come on Vehicles service intervals to inform the owner or driver that it’s time Vehicles an oil change service on the hybrid Vehicles. Vehicles do-it-yourself oil change enthusiasts who own a Vehicles this procedure takes less than a minute and requires no tools.