What does OBS stand for?

What does OBS stand for?


Acronym Definition
OBS Open Broadcaster Software (live streaming software)
OBS Observed
OBS Obviously
OBS Obsolete

What was the name of the 1997 GMT530 truck?

For 1997, GM rebranded the GMT530 trucks as the C5500-8500 series (dropping the external Kodiak/TopKick nameplates). The low-profile hood offered on medium-duty trucks was not offered on the B-series, retaining the higher-profile standard/severe-service hood.

When did GMC stop making heavy duty trucks?

In 1969, GMC transitioned its medium-duty trucks to the Chevrolet-based C/K medium-duty chassis introduced in 1967. The heavy-duty GMC school bus chassis remained in use by the division for 1970, before both divisions consolidated designs for 1971.

When did the GMC B series go out of production?

For 2003, the GMT530 platform was replaced by the GMT560 medium-duty architecture, ending production of the third-generation B-series by the end of 2003.

When did the GMC C / K bus stop being made?

After 16 years as a Chevrolet and 12 years of production as a GMC, the first-generation C/K bus chassis was retired after 1983. In 1967, Chevrolet moved the medium-duty C/K to a dedicated chassis, taking the school bus chassis with it.

How to set the engine timing on a 1988 GMC Truck?

Set the adjustment on the timing light (with the small dial) according to the specifications listed. Most GMCs have a spec decal glued to the top of the fan shroud, indicating the correct number. If it requires 12 BTDC (before top dead center), dial the timing gun to 12 degrees. Have your assistant start the engine.

Where is the timing light on a GMC Truck?

Connect the timing light lead to the number 1 cylinder plug wire. The number 1 plug will be the first plug on the right side, as you are facing the engine. Some timing light leads require hooking them up to the battery–apply black to negative, and red to positive.

What was the last year a GMC truck had an emblem?

This was the last year that the truck’s grille wore an emblem indicating engine displacement, but behind it sat GM’s new HEI ignition, plus a slew of new intake and emissions equipment, including catalytic converters, if a truck’s equipped GWVR fell under 6001 pounds.

What are the different levels of GMC trucks?

Four trim levels were still offered, but both Chevrolet and GMC opted to rename their offerings: Custom Deluxe/Sierra, Scottsdale/Sierra Grande, Cheyenne/High Sierra, and the top-line Silverado/Sierra Classic. Changes were minimal. Rally wheels appeared, and a new Sport model was available on Scottsdale trucks equipped with a stepside bed.