What happened OL 55?

What happened OL 55?

Ol’ 55 were an Australian band specialising in retro, 1950s-era Rock ‘n’ Roll. The band scored five top 20 hits on the Australian Kent Music Report singles chart and their debut album, Take It Greasy peaked at No. 3 on the Australian albums chart in 1976. After line-up changes, Ol’ 55 disbanded in 1983.

Who covered OL 55?

the Eagles
The song has been covered by numerous artists, most notably by the Eagles for their 1974 album On The Border….Ol’ ’55.

“Ol’ ’55”
Producer(s) Jerry Yester
Tom Waits singles chronology
“Ol’ ’55” (1973) “Blues Skies” (1974)

What album is OL 55?

On the Border
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Who was the lead singer on OL 55 by the Eagles?

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Who is the lead singer of Ol 55?

Ol’ 55/Artists
It was released on his debut album, Closing Time. The Eagles covered “Ol’ ’55” in 1974, with lead vocals by Glenn Frey and Don Henley, and pedal steel guitar by Al Perkins. Waits himself said that he didn’t care for the Eagles cover of his song, calling it “antiseptic.” But Tom Waits isn’t an easy person to please.

What Eagles album was OL 55 on?

What does the song Ol 55 by the Eagles mean?

The Eagles’ Glenn Frey likened such an experience, i.e. riding in your first car, to an individual getting their first apartment. So conclusively, we can safely say that “Ol’ ’55”, in a general kind of way, is definitely a car lover’s song.

When did the song on the prowl come out?

(1976) “On the Prowl” is a song written by Jimmy Manzie and recorded by Australian band Ol’ 55. The song was released in May 1976 as the lead single from the band’s debut studio album, Take It Greasy (1976).

Who was the original singer of Ol 55?

Facts about “Ol’ 55” “OI’ ‘55” was written by a musician named Tom Waits, who dropped his own version in 1973. Waits went on to criticize the Eagle’s cover of his song, referring to it as “a little antiseptic”. Interestingly enough, the Eagles’ rendition is more-popular than Waits’ original version.

Where can I find Ol 55 by Tom Waits?

Ol’ 55 is found on the album Anthology of Tom Waits . Most popular lyric tags We do not have any tags for Ol’ 55 lyrics. Why not add your own?