What happened to Sara Harvey in PLL?

What happened to Sara Harvey in PLL?

Sara Harvey was a supporting antagonistic character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Dre Davis. She was unmasked as part of the A-Team, being Red Coat and The Black Widow in the season 6A finale, “Game Over, Charles”. She was murdered by Noel Kahn in “Wanted: Dead or Alive”.

Why did Sara help CeCe PLL?

So Charlotte must have found Sara wondering by and offered her a place to stay, and some food, in exchange that she helped Charlotte. Cece was put back into Radley after “That night” and couldnt get out of Radley until Mona got into Radley: she needed help from Mona to get out.

Who kills a PLL?

Pretty Little Liars

Type Victim’s Name Killer and Motive
Fake death Alison DiLaurentis Charlotte DiLaurentis (attempted killer) *Thought Alison was Bethany and Jessica DiLaurentis (burier) *Protected Charlotte
Fake death Toby Cavanaugh Trauma
Fake death Mona Vanderwaal Charlotte DiLaurentis *Took her to A’s Dollhouse

Is Sarah Charles DiLaurentis?

We found out Charles is definitely a DiLaurentis — another great revelation. We later found out her name is Sarah Harvey, and Sarah is the same girl who went missing around the same time Alison disappeared back in the beginning of the series.

Who was the woman in black at Wilden’s funeral?

Sara Harvey
Game Over, Charles She is revealed to be Sara Harvey and the reason behind the disguise was to attend Wilden’s funeral to ensure he really was dead.

Is CeCe a Sara Harvey?

We first meet Sara Harvey in the dollhouse with the girls, but we later learn that there’s a lot more to her. After revealing herself as “A” and Charles DiLaurentis, CeCe Drake (aka Charlotte) explains that Sara Harvey had previously dressed up as the Black Widow and Red Coat.

Did Alison know CeCe was a?

They had a lot of the same clothes growing up, as Jessica bought two of whatever she bought Alison, and gave one to each of her daughters. Alison was unaware that CeCe Drake was actually Charlotte until “Gave Over, Charles” when Charlotte revealed herself.