What is AASHTO H-20 loading?

What is AASHTO H-20 loading?

32,000 pounds
H-20 loading, also known as HS-20 loading, is the design criteria of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, or AASHTO. It “means” a truck axle loading of 32,000 pounds or wheel loading of 16,000 pounds. Standards as published by AASHTO are categorized into classes.

What is HS20-44 loading?

Example of an HS truck loading: HS20-44 indicates a vehicle with a front tractor axle weighing 4 tons, a rear tractor axle weighing 16 tons, and a semi- trailer axle weighing 16 tons. The H and HS vehicles do not represent actual vehicles, but can be considered as “umbrella” loads.

What is Aashto HS20?

HS-20 is the truck live loadings of the AASHTO specification, where H stands for highway, S stands for semi-trailer, 20 stands for 20-ton weight of the tractor (first two axles). The “Design Tandem “consists of two axles, each axle weighing 25 kips spaced 4 ft apart.

What are truck tandems?

Tandem Trucks Any truck with a double axle in the back is considered a tandem truck. Both axles are usually drive axles — they propel the vehicle. The tandem axles allow the truck to carry much more weight, they provide stability and a smoother ride, and they provide better traction on slippery surfaces.

What is H20 live load?

Live loads are temporary loads that act on a structure. As defined in the AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges, the design live load is defined as H20/HS20 truck loading or lane loading using the load that produces the largest moment or shear.

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