What is SNMP Subagent?

What is SNMP Subagent?

A sub-agent is an additional SNMP daemon that extends functionality of the master agent. Basically, OID sub-trees are assigned to the sub-agent(s). There are also a few other ways of extending functionality. For example, Here’s a nice article on different ways of extending an Net-SNMP agent.

What is Intel SNMP agent?

The Intel® SNMP Subagent is intended for use with third-party SNMP-based management clients. Since the Intel® SNMP Subagent is designed to use AgentX protocol to communicate with the NET-SNMP Master Agent on Linux*, the snmp configuration file needs to be modified before you can use the Intel® SNMP Subagent.

What does an SNMP agent do?

The SNMP Agent is the software component responsible for the Launcher object and responds to queries, carries out requests, and issues traps. A trap is a message sent by an SNMP Agent to the SNMP manager indicating that an event has occurred on the host running the network resource.

What is difference between SNMP manager and agent?

The SNMP manager is a program, also known as a network management station (NMS), that runs on a host on the network. The manager sends requests to one or more SNMP agents running on devices connected to the network. An agent, or daemon, is a program that listens for SNMP requests from the manager.

What are two characteristics of SNMP community strings?

There are two types of SNMP community strings, read-only and read-write. The read-only community string allows the manager to get information from the agent and the read-write allows the manager to get or set information in the agent. How can SNMP access be restricted to a specific SNMP manager?

Who is SNMP manager?

Which one is managers duty in SNMP?

SNMP Manager: An SNMP Manager is an application that performs the operational roles of generating requests to modify and retrieve management information and receiving the requested information and trap-event reports that are generated by the SNMP agent.

What is SNMP community string?

What Is an SNMP Community String? An SNMP community string is a means of accessing statistics stored within a router or other device. Sometimes referred to simply as a community string or an SNMP string, it comprises the user credential—ID or password—delivered alongside a GET request.

What is SNMP community string for solarwinds?

A community string or SNMP community string is a user ID or password that is sent along with a Get-Request. An SNMP community string is used to allow access to statistics within a managed device or router. A device can access data within other connected devices with the correct community string.

What is SNMP framework?

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet Standard protocol for collecting and organizing information about managed devices on IP networks and for modifying that information to change device behaviour.