What is StabiliTrak?

What is StabiliTrak?

StabiliTrak sensors monitor the steering wheel and direction of the vehicle, and they apply appropriate amounts of pressure to one side of the vehicle rather than just certain wheels. It’s impossible to have stability control and traction control without the anti-lock braking system.

Why does the speedometer needle not go back to normal?

However, you know you did not increase your speed. The needle might stay there, or it might go back to normal and repeat the jump a few seconds or minutes later. There will likely be no indicator lights flashing. Possible problems: the speed sensor on the passenger axle may need to be replaced. The speedometer cable may be damaged or broken.

Why is it when driving the RPM gauge drops or jumps up?

Somewhere the fuel drop then suddenly rpm decrease better check the complete fuel system from tank to injectors also check the rpm sensor . Was this answer helpful? This could possibly be your output speed sensor, related to the transmission.

Why does the tach needle keep moving up and down?

The tach needle bounces up and down instead of holding steady. If you hold the engine at a constant speed, the needle continues to move around. Shift lights fire at odd times, usually long before redline.

What causes a tachometer needle to jump around?

Despite their simplicity, an electronic tach or shift lights can sometimes behave strangely. A needle that jumps around and shift lights that fire at random may look like a huge problem, but in fact they are usually caused by a simple issue that is easy to fix. First, let’s narrow down the symptoms.

Why does the needle bounce on the speedometer?

That should cure it… The speedo cable for those old cars is like a spring. If it hangs up somewhere due to poor lubrication when it releases there is pent up energy so it “over releases” and creates the needle bounce you see on the speedo. This is first a lubrication issue.

Why is the gas gauge not accurate on my Chevy Silverado?

Fuel gauge is erratic and not accurate. When I stop the gauge goes to empty and the low fuel light comes on. After driving several miles, it will correct itself but the same thing happens when I stop. Dealer says it could be two different things causing the problems and each one is $500 to fix each one. Other people I know have the same problem.

When do you notice torque in the transmission?

My problem was the torque in the transmission. If you notice it will happen most when you are on an incline. Ask the dealership to ride with you and hook up the diagnostic that registers torque problems. You will see the RPM jump and that is the indication that it is the transmission.

Why are the gauges on my car not working?

For the past few months I have had issues with the instrument panel gauges. While driving all of the gauges (speedometer, gas, voltage, fluid, etc.) simultaneously fail. Once this happens all of the indicator lights will flash on then go off and the gauges will come back to their proper level.