What is the best light machine gun in MW3?

What is the best light machine gun in MW3?

Modern Warfare 3 | MW3 – Weapons List – Light Machine Guns

  • L86 LSW. Accuracy. Damage. Range. Fire Rate. Mobility.
  • MG36. Accuracy. Damage. Range. Fire Rate. Mobility.
  • PKP PECHENEG. Accuracy. Damage. Range. Fire Rate. Mobility.
  • MK46. Accuracy. Damage. Range. Fire Rate. Mobility.
  • M60E4. Accuracy. Damage. Range. Fire Rate. Mobility.

Is LMG good in cod?

LMGs, or Light Machine Guns, are by far the most reliable full-auto weapons to use at long-range while fighting squads in Warzone. Although they are much slower than the game’s best Assault Rifles, LMGs are extremely useful when fighting whole squads.

Which LMG is the best in cod?

BRUEN MK9. Our top pick for the best LMG in Warzone used to be the Bruen MK9, but a series of nerfs have put it lower down the pecking order. Despite its position on this list, this is still a very effective LMG and is considerably better than the M91 or Holger-26.

How many attachments can you have in mw3?

two attachments
Attachments: Allows for two attachments.

Does sleight of hand count as an attachment?

Fast Mag: An attachment in Black Ops II that reduces player’s reload time, it is essentially Sleight of Hand as an attachment.

What is reveal distance in cod?

Reveal distance shows the enemy at longer ranges. For example, if you put on the attachment that gives you 60% increased reveal distance while ADS when you are ADSing, you’ll see red dots above the enemy’s head. And you don’t even need to be aiming at them.

When to use a light machine gun in Call of Duty?

Due to the extended capacity and damage output of Light machine guns, Light Machine guns are generally most effective in Medium-long range gunfights, where their extended ranges and large capacities allow players to easily outperform lightly armed enemies, such as Shotgun users and Submachine Gunners.

Is there a light machine gun in ghosts?

Additionally, the Chaos assault rifle and the Titan submachine gun can be toggled to light machine gun mode. Reloading belt-fed LMGs in Ghosts and WWII (as well as the ones classed under “Heavy Weapons” in Advanced Warfare) differs when a changed belt box is empty or when it still has rounds in it, unlike other installments.

What kind of gun is a light machine gun?

Light Machine Guns are powerful medium to long-range killing machines. They typically have large magazines and do a lot of damage.

Are there any drawbacks to a light machine gun?

Another big exception is the Chain SAW, which allows the player to move faster, and features a very tight hip-fire cone, at the cost of a smaller belt magazine and the inability to truly aim down the sights. The drawbacks of light machine guns are that their handling characteristics are universally poor.