What is the most read magazine in India?

What is the most read magazine in India?

India Today
According to the Indian Readership Survey, the English language magazine India Today was the leading Indian magazine from December 2019 to March 2020. The newspaper had the highest readership of over nine million readers followed by India Today magazine in Hindi with over six million readers during the survey period.

Which is the oldest magazine in India?

The earliest to appear was the Oriental Magazine; or, Calcutta Amusement (1785–86); it was followed by a number of short-lived missionary publications. The first periodical founded and edited by an Indian was the Hindustan Review, which commenced in 1900.

How many magazines are there in India?

With over 300 magazines available in India, everyone can find something they like.

Is India today a weekly magazine?

India Today is a weekly Indian English-language news magazine published by Living Media India Limited.

What magazines are popular now in India?

Top 10 Indian Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2020

  • India Today Magazine – Living Media India Ltd.
  • Outlook Magazine – Outlook Publishing India Pvt Ltd.
  • Forbes India Magazine – Digital18 Media Ltd.
  • Car India Magazine – Next Gen Publication.
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine – Upkar Prakashan.

What are the best English magazines?

The List of Top 10 most popular English Magazines in India 2020 includes:

  • Forbes India Magazine :
  • Filmfare Magazine :
  • Competition Success Review :
  • Business Today :
  • Champak Magazine:
  • TIME Magazine:
  • India Today Magazine :
  • GQ Magazine :

Which is the most popular magazine in India?

Top 15 Indian Magazines & Publications. 1 1. India Today Magazine. India India Today brings out the latest news from India and around the world. Latest India news on Bollywood, Politics, 2 2. Filmfare Magazine. 3 3. Business Today Magazine. 4 4. VOGUE India Magazine | India’s Best Women’s Magazine. 5 5. Outlook India Magazine.

Which is the best educational magazine in India?

Competition Success Review – Competition Review Pvt Ltd is a magazine with a mission to help the Youth of India to succeed in all competitive exams and make the ordinary youth an extraordinary person igniting the spark in ambitious minds. Competition Review Pvt Ltd first published this magazine in 1964 which today is a leading educational magazine.

Which is the best youth magazine in India?

New Delhi, Delhi, India The Bharatiya Magazine is one of India’s very few publishers dedicated towards the 100+ million strong youth population of the country primarily focusing on promoting critical thinking on topics ranging from Sports, Fashion, Health, Entertainment to Politics, Diplomacy, Economy and Environment.

Which is the best current affairs magazine in India?

It is India’s most vibrant current affairs and news magazine which was launched in 1995. Outlook Magazine – Outlook Publishing India Pvt Ltd is an insightful, thought provoking, compelling, in-depth analysis and keeps you up-to-date with its bold and aggressive reporting.