What kind of crank hub does BMW use?

What kind of crank hub does BMW use?

Unfortunately BMW in their wisdom have thrown out the past 100 years of development on the internal combustion engine and instead decided to lock the crank gear to the crankshaft with nothing more than a diamond sintered washer, which offers high friction, and a load of torque from the crank bolt to hold the timing in place.

What to do if your crank hub has slipped?

If your crank bolt has slipped and you have an error on your dashboard then you automatically need the second part of our fix which is a replacement crank hub assembly, with oil pump drive pulley and cam drive pulley already installed.

What kind of flexplate bolts do ARP use?

ARP offers two styles of Flexplate bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200,000 psi rating and High Performance, with a 180,000 psi rating. They are both heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, feature an exclusive, flat, 12-point head design and larger than stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved flywheel register.

What kind of PSI do flexplate bolts have?

NOTE 1: All flexplate bolts listed below are Pro Series 200,000 psi rated bolts unless noted otherwise. NOTE 2: The thread size of metric fasteners is listed using international designations.

Where do you place the flexplate on the crank?

Externally balanced flexplates must be on the crank for balancing or match balanced to the unit that was originally balanced with the crank. No weight. Imbalance is accomplished by lightening one side of the flexplate. Replacement parts require crank adapter for proper use.

How big is the bolt circle on a Ford flexplate?

Both have factory installed 10-3/4” & 11-1/2” bolt circles for GM converters but only the 10-3/4” bolt circle is usable for the 157 tooth flexplates due to ring gear interference. The 184 tooth FE flexplates are 11-7/16” Ford bolt circle only! ATI Ford Flexplates are flat.

How big of a bolt circle do I need for an ATI flexplate?

ATI Chrysler adapter flexplates require the use of 10 3/4” bolt circle only with GM converters. LS flexplates sold only as a kit. Includes flexplate, crank adapter and bolts. Requires a custom aftermarket converter. Must have an engine mounted transmission.

What kind of flexplate does a Ford int.balance use?

Ford Flexplate kits include flexplate, CNC-machined crank piloted spacer and crank bolts ATI flexplates fit aftermarket converters only. INT. BALANCE INT. BALANCE EXT. BALANCE 24 oz. in. – 460 truck only with D9TP-6375-AA or E7TP-6375-AA OEM flexplates. 28.8 oz. in. OEM flexplate. For reference, the OEM weight is 5 1/8” x 5/8” x 5/16” thick.