What kind of engine does a 2006 Columbia have?

What kind of engine does a 2006 Columbia have?

I am purchasing a Columbia 2006 with this Mercedes Engine OM-460. Can anyone pass on some tips for this motor. I have owned everything else but not this one. Like any problems to be aware of. approx fuel mileage. Can they be rebuilt. General answers I cannot find anything online regarding there motors.

What kind of engine does a Mercedes 4000 have?

MBE 4000 Mercedes engines. Discussion in ‘ Questions From New Drivers ‘ started by farmbig_01, Aug 8, 2007 . Anyone have any experience with the MBE 4000 Mercedes engines? Im looking at buying another truck, Freightliner Columbia, with this engine and have not really heard much about them.

Can you drive a MBE 4000 Mercedes engine?

I have driven a Mercedes MBE 4000 for 3 years. DO NOT buy a Mercedes engine. We lease four of them where I drive, and all have had at least 2 turbos, injectors at least twice on one, and once on the others, head gaskets on all 4, electrical problems causing reduced power.

How to contact a Mercedes Benz dealership in Columbia?

Stop by our Columbia dealership or give us a call at (573) 886-7040. Regardless of your wants and needs, our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals are happy to help you find the finest quality Mercedes-Benz that fits your lifestyle. Give us a call at (573) 886-7040 to schedule a test drive.

What kind of Mercedes Benz is in Columbia MO?

Our Mercedes-Benz C 300 4MATIC convertibles are the perfect luxury car for the sophisticated Columbia, MO customer who likes to cruise around in style. Are you shopping for an SUV for your growing family? Our GLE models have the excellent cargo and passenger space you need.

Are there any problems with my 2004 Columbia?

Not open for further replies. I have a 2004 Columbia with a 60 series Detroit and for the last two years there has been an intermitent electrical problem. The tach and speedometer will go to zero while the warning beeper is screaming, the shift indicator will go blank, sometimes the truck and traliler ABS indicator sounds as well.

Are there any problems with the Mercedes MBE 4000?

I have a 2005 Freightliner Columbia with Mercedes MBE 4000 engine. This truck has been nothing but problems from day one. At 290K the coolant started to leak from head gaskets, so the dealer replaced liners, pistons and head gaskets under warranty.

What is the most common problem in 2006 Colombia?

Mbe 4000 motor what is the most common problem in 2006 colombia mbe… Vocational, Technical or Tra… Hi There, I hope some expert can help here. I have a 2005

How old is the Mazda B4000 extended cab?

This is now 2016, and I have 2000 B4000 extended cab that was built in 1999. So it is basically 17 years old, with 130,000 miles. Pretty much the only expenses have been gas, oil, tires, and normal wear and tear on brakes. Oh, and ball joints at 100,000 miles.

Is the Mazda B4000 a good light truck?

But no, at a time when Honda’s Ridgeline has (almost) reignited and (just about) re-invented the light-truck market, FoMoCo is content to let another market segment fall entirely into the hands of Honda, Toyota and Nissan. While the B4000 has its supporters, it will eventually be remembered as a forgettable experience.