What oil brand is best for Volvo?

What oil brand is best for Volvo?

Volvo engines are designed to work at their optimum level using Castrol EDGE and this is why every Volvo is ‘born’ with Castrol EDGE inside, through its first fill in the factory.

What type of oil does a Volvo V60 take?


V60 Engine Engine code Oil grade
D3 D4204T9 Castrol Edge Professional V 0W-20 or VCC RBS0-2AE 0w20
D4 D4204T14
D5 D4204T11
D4 AWD D5244T21 Oil grade: ACEA A5/B5 Viscosity: SAE 0W–30

Can you put regular oil in a Volvo?

We use a castrol synthetic bled oil which is a mix of regular oil and synthetic oil- we use a middle of the road oil quality for those people who insist on 7500 mile oil services. Volvo’s do not require synthetic oil. We recommend every 5,000 miles maximum regardless of types of oil used.

How much oil does a 2015 Volvo S60 take?

Use SAE 0W-30 synthetic engine oil in consistently low temperatures. Capacity: 5.8 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level.

Does Volvo use full synthetic oil?

Fully synthetic engine oil of at least ACEA A5/B5 must be used. Lower oil grades may not offer the same fuel economy, engine performance or engine protection.

Can I mix two engine oil brands?

Even if two different brands of oil have the same viscosity, you still should not be mixing them together. Technically, using a grade of oil that’s recommended by your car manufacturer is correct. However, if you combine two different brands of motor oil, you could be at risk of damage.

How long has the Volvo 240 been out of production?

Even though the 240 has been out of production for almost 17 years, it is still a popular car among Volvo enthusiasts and a favorite among our staff. Over the past 35 years since it was introduced, we have come to know quite a bit about the iconic model.

Why are there so many problems with Volvos?

Volvo’s still run into the same issues on their newer models. Possibly in theory Volvos system is better, but in reality it gets overlooked and inevitably becomes clogged up and causes oil leaks and idle problems.

What kind of tank does a Volvo 240 have?

Volvo 240, a bulletproof tank. I had an 84 244DL, when I sold it to the neice of a friend it was running strong with original 350,000 miles. I replaced the alternator twice and the starter once.