When did the first VW Polo come out?

When did the first VW Polo come out?

Spacious and smooth in terms of how it looks and drives which makes it an ideal first car. In 1975 Volkswagen launched the Polo, just a year after the manufacturer’s iconic Golf hatchback. The Polo is smaller however, and therefore acts as a more compact offering in the Volkswagen hatchback range.

Is the Volkswagen Polo a good car to drive?

For a compact hatchback, the Polo is a fine car to drive, mimicking a larger car due to its high-quality feel. It is easy to drive whether amongst the city on a tight street, or whilst offering comfort and poise on a busy motorway.

What does the signal mean on a VW Polo?

Signal tones are given when some warning or indicator lamps light up. For details on indicator lamps which light up in the light switch see Chapter Lighting . Symbol Meaning See Do not drive on! Handbrake applied, brake fluid level too low or fault in the brake system. Flashing: Do not drive on!

What should I do if my Volkswagen Polo breaks down?

Stop the vehicle at a safe distance away from moving traffic and ensure that no part of the exhaust system can come into contact with any inflammable material underneath the vehicle, e.g. dry grass or fuel. Broken-down vehicles increase the risk of accidents, both for you and for other road users.

The Volkswagen Polo was first launched in 1975 and is as popular now as it’s ever been – it’s one of the leading supermini cars on the market. The Polo is renowned for being efficient, with models offering fuel economy from 35mpg up to 80.7mpg.

What kind of platform does the Polo Mk 5 have?

The Mark 5 Polo, internally designated Typ 6R, is based on Volkswagen’s PQ25 platform, shared with the 2008 SEAT Ibiza and the Audi A1. Its styling, by a team led by Walter de Silva, follows the direction of the previous 2008 Volkswagen Scirocco and Golf VI.

What kind of engine does a Volkswagen Polo have?

Mk1 Polos only came with four cylinder petrol engines, but for the Mk2, a diesel engine was offered for the first time, although only in certain markets, others having to wait until the launch of the Mk3. The current range includes a variety of three and four cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

How many miles does a Volkswagen Polo Match have?

VOLKSWAGEN Polo MATCH (80BHP) finished in Silver (Manual), 60,000 miles , only 2 previous owners from new. , Features include Isofix System, Front Fog Lights, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Central Locking, CD Player, Alloy Wheels, Air Conditio

Is the VW Polo a 5 or 4 door?

For Volkswagen, it was even easier to transform the five-door Polo into a four-door sedan version. It just had to add a separate trunk and develop a few body panels for it. Of course. The result was quite a balanced-looking vehicle.

Is it safe to drive a VW Polo?

This makes the VW Polo extremely practical. No matter the second-hand Volkswagen Polo, you are sure to get a secure drive that’s safe, comes with plenty of grip and is hugely comfortable. Driving a VW Polo is a real joy.

Why was the VW Polo Classic made higher than the windows?

It was a good idea to make the trunk higher than the windows line, thus creating a sportier image. Inside, the carmaker fitted the car with the same options as the sedan. Volkswagen decided to keep the rear bench with a split-folding system to help its customers load longer items.